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King Obama of America Meet King Philip II of Spain (1556)

Roger198 Wrote: Sep 01, 2012 7:40 PM
You forgot to tell us it should be "it's different from." Americans really have screwed up English, but then, so have the modern, semi-literate English. Notice however, the hearteningly correct omission of the apostrophe in "its private businesses ." Remarkably few these days understand that one does not apply the possessive apostrophe to pronouns. That having said, it's quite likely he dictated this piece anyway.

The economic model President Obama wants America to embark on has been tried many times in many places and every time its failed.  We are reminded of this when we look at Spain.  Massive government spending on projects like countless airports never used, high speed rail and new highways. 

Sure, it looks fantastic but there are no commercial trucks, there are no commuters, and the only mobility is downward. Three regions of Spain have requested emergency bailouts and more are lining up. 

They are bogged down with gigantic debt for public projects that were...

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