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Iraq: The shield of Shiite Islam

Roger198 Wrote: Oct 20, 2012 2:45 PM
Didn't W do well, converting a buffer against Iran for the West into an ally for it? Now, of course, Obama has pulled out and given the Shiite government there free rein to do what it wants, which will be basically what Tehran wants. Isn't it time we had a government that understood the interests of the United States and used its power to further, instead of undermine, them?

Iraq: Today, the al-Maliki government called for the US to speed up its weapons deliveries, as the two countries near a deal on a second set of 18 F-16s, days after Baghdad signed $4.2 billion in arms deals with Moscow.

The contracts with Russia made it Iraq's second-biggest defense supplier after the United States. The Baghdad government admits its forces are unable to protect its borders, airspace or maritime territory.

Comment: The Syrian fighting has added urgency and poignancy to Baghdad's defense deficiencies. It can hardly support Iranian interests...

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