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This guy wasn't captured in battle, he just went out of his base unarmed and without permission and got captured. I would have supported a mission to get him and kill his jailers but to swap those 5 really evil murderers for him is folly and we will pay a price in time.
I watched the video and it was just like a longish Monty Python sketch, nothing like putting crosses in urine or anything similar, but anyway it's not possible to make anything offensive to Islam unless the truth is offensive. Of course, it often is, but Islam is offensive to all things civilized anyway. I say let's stop appeasing Islam and stamp it out instead, difficult and long though it may be.
If Rice says he doesn't deserve amnesty, then I say he does, just on the strength of Rice being a complete idiot talking head whom I haven't seen get anything right yet, so why should she start now?
I don't really care whether these people get officially classified as married or not, but I can't see the point of it.
Well Alford was right about the Democrats being responsible for slavery and Jim Crow. Nice to see a black man understanding this instead of just swallowing years of Democrat propaganda like most, unfortunately, do.
It's time for the obese bully to join the Democrat Party where he belongs, then he can slobber all over Obama and Islam all day long and stay honest.
Yes, it's you. There is only one n in whiners, by the way, otherwise you come close to calling them winners which, unfortunately, they are not.
So how do you explain Obama?
Well I screwed that up, please read "not a noted drunkard." I'm not drunk. Yet.
The "in the morning I shall be sober" quote might be better attributed to Oscar Wilde. Churchill was noted a noted drunkard..
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