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When Figures Lie: Chevy Volt Puts the Government in Government Motors

makrov Wrote: Sep 02, 2012 2:00 AM
There was one but by another name. My wife worked for a solar chip company (think space) in the mid 60's in LA. they manufactured chips for NASA and space platforms. The owner converted a Nash Metro to run on chips and he drove it all the time in LA. There was another Metro converted to a battery electric motors and a small lawnmower engine to run a generator and they said it could go from LA to NY on about 10 gallons of gas at 50 mph, around that same time.

If there was any doubt from skeptics about the complicity of the Obama administration in creating and directing the “new” General Motors –a.k.a Government Motors- the latest ballyhoo regarding sales figures and the Chevy Volt should convince even the doubters.

GM: Aug. Volt sales best yet says the Detroit News.

GM Expects Volt Sales to Set Monthly Record says the normally sane Wall Street Journal.

Chevy Volt broke monthly sales record in August reports the Associated Press.

But like a lot of claims coming from Obama or one his corporate...