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The democrats do come out against it. The Governor of New York , the mayor of New York, and the Mayor of Chicago, they have the biggest groups of blacks that don't have registered guns but their problem they want to take away the registered gun owners rights to protect themselves. How do you protect yourself from them?
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It’s the President, Stupid

makrov Wrote: Mar 06, 2014 3:14 PM
The title must have been done by some illiterate. The title should be It’s the Stupid President
I can surely understand why he did this. It is a bad showing for the use of unused schools. You shouldn't be teaching in school. The second reason to do this is it lowers the test standards from the public teaching , so this will raise the public school rates to show improvement in standard tests. You can;t let good teachers get away with actually teaching kids the right way like the Charter schools do in Harlem
Love the sarcasm. We are in lots of trouble for what is happening in our country. Civil rights are at risk and after dark the streets are unsafe in many cities. Glad there was someone alert to face the crime that was going on.
What an idiot we have for a {sorry I can't express what he is) leader? "Raising doesn't add to the debt"? No we are at the top of the debt so to raise it won't raise the debt until the next day when he spends the money. We need to STOP giving our money away to foreign nations who hate us and attack us. Reid needs to retire so someone can actually run the Senate. The House has the responsibility for the purse strings and they have the choice of what gets funded !!! I have to budget my home finances and pay off bills every month so the govument needs to take care of the monies. (you may find one word miss spelled but it is done on purpose} (:~)
NOT lol but true. Good answers.
I'm sure glad I worker for a private company, non union, that has a full paid retirement. After working there it is almost as much as my SS. I now take home more than while I worked minus taxes.
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Guns and Grade-School Panic

makrov Wrote: Jun 07, 2013 6:31 PM
Gee !!! I live in one of those states that look like a GUN. And it seems that every household has 5 to 15 of them but you never hear problems with students with guns. It is not unusual to see high schooler's with shot guns in the pickups during school. What is the big thing for pointing a finger at one of your friends? To me it is better than giving the finger to them.
I think his soul is very lost, pray for our country!!!
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Who says Obama Doesn’t Like to Prey?

makrov Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 5:34 PM
But she is a communist along with her father. flies stick to the same glue or pot smokers smoke to gather.
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