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Papa Writes to LeLand but LeLand Can't Come Home, Leland Can't come Home No LeLand Can't Come Home-He Been On the Chain Gang Too Long by Uncle Ben Dover
It must be--the Left-O-Sphere is Never responsible for their own actions. Some of us less Forgiving (of murder), less Understanding (of murder) call it the Chappaquiddick Syndrome but for the younger generation the term "Groping, Raping, Lying About It Bill" might be a better reference.
She is ugly and a liar too but one does not wish to be unkind ;-)
Diane Feinstein, "Don't Call Your Me Ma'am" Boxer, Stretch Pelosi, Henry Waxman, Governor Moonbeam, OJ Simpson and the residents of Toon Town bode ill of what once was called Golden California. Oh if we could but send these moonbat Californicators (and ALL of Chicago) to Andrew Cuomo's New York so to reclaim California for America. There are indeed Americans left in that once great state--Free California from Dr. Feinstein's worst failed experiment!
A generation ago you needed those "basic skill' to enter high school. We considered the first eight grades quite important as high school was often quite out of the question for the small town and rural people. But we seemed to have turned the schools into "Child Development" with all the attendant nonsense we see. But not so long ago waiting until you were 21 or 25 or 35 to get a job and support yourself was consider the path of the idle, the layabout or a VERY select few professions such as medicine. But now a degree or even PhD in Gender Studies or Music of the Left Eye Dominate Oppressed Persons equips us for something--I guess.
The people of that city elected him--he was NOT a stealth candidate-he told all the world his positions. What they saw is what they got. As with Governor Cuomo of that state, the two HARD LEFT Senators of that state no one lied to the people of New York City or State--they chose to be led by fascist/progressives. They have Governor Cuomo calling for those not agreeing with him to leave the state, they have Senator Schumer calling for government violence against anyone blocking the progressive agenda. Even that Republican Representative Peter King is calling for a government without limits "trust us"-ok. The People of New York ARE a cancer.
Well that is too bad but the people of New York City and New York State put up with this fascist/progressive nonsense-they keep electing the same fascist/progressives to office that do such things. If these people want their children educated to be anything more than functionaries of the State then they home school, private school or get out of New York. Charter schools WERE and intriguing idea but we soon found the fly in the ointment--that Charter School was still tied to the state.
It is called "Special Privilege for Special People"; not only is NBC's David Gregory a Special Person he is a Politically Correct Special Person. Mr. Witaschek is not a Special Person. This Judge Robert Morin has HIS parallels in history as does Attorney General Nathan - persons such as they have marched MILLIONS into the camps, into the Gulags, into the Killing Fields Just Doing Their Jobs!- before they too are purged by the latest edict. This is ALL moving fast, faster than I would have ever believed. It seems as a people we have grown tired of the rigors of a democratic republic--we have turned to Strong Leaders to protect us and boo boo our every hurt. We have allowed Caesar to cross the Rubicon--play at voting but the Republic is dead.
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Alec Baldwin, Drama Queen

ROG47 Wrote: Feb 26, 2014 8:32 AM
There is entirely too much bandwidth and newsprint spent on these celebrity twits; none of them are really important to the real world.
Hopefully--that would be better than a unified country capable of rounding up MILLIONS and tens of millions of we Unrepentant as Obama's Big Daddy Bill Ayers put it. These are the spawn of those fascist/progressives/socialist who openly admired Stalin's 'reforms', Mussolini and until he invaded Russia Old Adolph himself. Hunker down.
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