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She came in fifth in the 1978 Kentucky Derby.
Check out her glamor shot--not too bad and the best part--she wasn't taking!
Check out her glamor shot--not too bad and the best part--she wasn't taking!
DNC Chairwoman Debbie Whatshername Schultz should be banished to a remote island off Greenland with Harry Reid and Elijah Cummings as companions. Tell them it is a celebrity version of Naked and Ugly.
Horsewhipping, three days in the stocks, more horsewhipping and banishment to an island off Greenland with no one but Nancy Pelosi for companionship might help Ol' Harry with his problems-- and then there is hemlock--
No we need the Doctor on Fox making fun of the odd balls, wackos and twerps representing some "other side". He is too good for mere politics ;-)
Off his meds? Perhaps but my take is that Harry Reid is merely mocking his opponents.If the GOP does take the Senate in November the number of McCain and "moderate-big government" Republicans will still give the Progressives control of the Senate and Harry Reid will still be powerful. Harry Reid is more evil than odd.
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Obama's Immigration Lawyers' Enrichment Act

ROG47 Wrote: Jul 09, 2014 3:27 PM
AND Aid to Dependent Children Supplemental Social Security WIC Food Stamps Rent Subsidies free lunch at schoolo free medical servbices while millions of our people struggle. Jeff Flake, John McCain and the Bush Bums are a disgrace.
All too many Presidents and Congresses have had some ugly contempt for our military, military good order and our veterans. Yes I know George the Younger rides bicycles for veterans and wept at the hospital. That would be the same George the Younger who goes to basketball games with Bill Clinton-the "other brother from another mother" Bill Clinton, the Bill Clinton who went to the Vietnam Memorial and mocked us who served in that war. So let's keep mocking our veterans, our warriors, continue to honor the traitor and the coward. John Kerry smeared every man who served in Vietnam, the DNC trashed any veterans who opposed his Presidential run yet almost, not all but almost all Republicans in the Senate called him Friend and voted to confirm him as Secretary. of State. Now we see the trashing of the young men who tell us of Bergdahl's shenanigans. This country does not deserve the fine young people who step up to stand the line.
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