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Wow an attorney, an Attorney General nominee ridiculing anyone for "pushing paper" is rich.
The Omen comes to mind ;-)
Actually the Elite (our would be betters) Progressives are MOSTLY the children of privilege--Rockyfellers (yes-rocky) bad mouthing the man who DID useful things while living off his money, Spawn of Ford, Kennedys, Bushi (plural for Oh No Not Another One!), Roosevelts and Miss Hillary herself. We have to lock up these moochers at the Yacht/Polo Clubs.Thurston Howell was funny-these people are tragic.
Soon we shall have our own War of the Roses between the Clintons, Kennedys (if they can sober up), Bushi (plural for Oh No Not Another One!), Nones/Nunns (not sure of spelling) of Georgia and here in the west that most irritating of pesky critters THE UDALLS (aka Buffalo Head Gnat). There is talk of a Carter revival but we are hoping America has developed an aversion to peanut personalities (or lack there of)
Clinton baby, George Clooney married, the Royals soon to get their own AMERICAN cable channel; this country is becoming ever more cartoonish. Yes a new grandchild is wonderful, enough now and get on with life.
The Muslim mad dog murderer was shot and wounded by the firm's CEO Mark Vaughan. Mr. Vaughan is an Oklahoma County Reserve Deputy .It was a PRIVATE CITIZEN Mark Vaughan defending employees and neighbors who stopped that mad dog. Somehow our beloved Mass Media is determined to convince us it was the Deputy who stopped the Muslim mad dog murderer--all part of that "Dial 9-1-1 and wait on you laurels" nonsense. WE are the First Responders--Fire, Police and Paramedics come when they can. One good flood, one nasty snow storm or riot can make that problematic. Why do I carry a this sidearm? Thank you for asking! 1) to defend myself, my family and my neighbors 2) to accept the honor and duty of my basic human right to self defense and arms ownership 3) to help other people understand their right, and even their duty, to keep and bear arms to defend themselves and those they love. Your gun isn't of much use in a drawer or locked in a safe; 9-1-1 can take awhile.
Just maybe mama has been running interference for our Dear Mohammed the Terrible for too long.
The gallows indeed Sir hstumpf. All the whining over Lethal Injection, Gas Chamber, Old Sparky having problems could be solved with the Short Drop Gallows (Hanging)-it is usually over in just a few minutes. Yes more than a few times it will go somewhat sideways and take awhile for the miscreant to "cross over" as it where but our Dear Boy (the miscreant ) could use the few extra minutes to examine his-or her- misspent youth. While our miscreant is trashing about at the end of the rope perhaps a few of his fellows will think about the error of their ways. Honest people do not need to be harsh or cruel but our compassion should be with the innocent; justice must be swift. If these murdering thugs do repent of their ways all the Heavens will rejoice and we should too. But then we do justice for the innocent. But Mr. Alton Jah’Keem Yisrael Nolen is in for BIG surprise when he finds out about the "72 Virgins"; bad eternity lad, very bad.
That Americans need the permissions of Their Betters to be Americans is tragic; that tens of millions of our fellow citizens agree with that fascist nonsense is worse. "Reasonable Restrictions on Human Rights" is a linguistic trick right out of Orwell or perhaps "Alice in Wonderland" But this day Our Lord and Master Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain (Little Caesar) was generous to that Lesser Person. some gun control: April 19, 1775 Concord and Lexington: Major Pitcairn came ridding up and with sword drawn, called out, “Disperse, you damn rebels! Damn you, throw down your arms and disperse!” And thus the Shot Heard Round the World
"Your Most Gracious Lords And Masters Grant You Clemency of a Limited Scope This Time" (but don't you lesser persons DARE think yourselves free and autonomous persons with the rights of Life, Liberty and Self Defense)
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