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"It Hit a Nerve"

ROG47 Wrote: Feb 24, 2015 11:02 AM
It is not so much that they are deaf, dumb or blind but they too HATE what so many of us love. Only fools, pollyannas and the utterly cynical claim there is some kind of "middle" that can be reached between the progressive/leftist/radicals and those of us wishing to live autonomous lives. When Barack Obama chose to Fundamentally Change America that Change very much involved Bill Ayers Reeducation Camps with 25 million dead.. Obama will not get us into those camps; a Miss Hillary or a Jeb Bush just might.
Canaanites/ishmealites whine about everything.
The early Muslims were under constant attack? And you LIE about other things too I assume? Your Boy Mohammed Prophet, Camel Driver and Sheik of the Burning Sand made peace with the Meccans (Mecca) and then attacked them during the treaty period. He and his pirates did the same to the the Jews of Khaybar, the Christians of Syria and Jerusalem. The mohammedan pirate is under no obligation to keep a promise to we infdel dogs, lying and broken treaties for in service to their moon god allah is no sin. Your Koran-Quran, and Hadith are not all that difficult to read-- they are tedious to be sure. Happy Jihad Little Johnny but those 72 Celestial Virgins? Are you in for a TERRIBLE surprise. Free Constantinople, Free Anatolia, Free Alexandria and free all lands and people occupied by the mohammedan pirates. Yes that would include Shelbyville, Tennessee and Dearborn, Michigan, large parts of New York City and perhaps Washington DC.
"Crusades -- despite their terrible organized cruelties -- were a defensive war" those "terrible organized cruelties" WERE, and to a degree are, the way wars were fought-declare an Open City, submit or face annihilation, but I am sure President Obama knows that; I am disappointed Mr. Goldberg didn't. When we mention "the Crusades" the mohammedns also include Charles Martel's Victory at Tours, 732, the Reconquest of Spain, 1492, the defeat of the Turk at Vienna, the Greek Independence from the Ottomans 1827 and every other defeat of the mohammedan. Why we are letting some silly movies and sillier "documentaries" define our history is beyond me.
Don't get out much do you?
I doubt that we will know what happened anytime soon. Sony got hacked--that I understand. By whom? Who are we to believe? Both the FBI and Presidents of the United States are known to LIE about a lot of things. The SOBs will lie about things that really do not matter. How about a Congressional Investigation? They lie too.
I am guessing that airheaded bimbos such as CNN "journalist" Sharon Waxman are rather incapable of comprehending sarcasm, irony or polysyllabic words-not that I wish to offend or demean airheaded bimbos, absolutely not.
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Boehner Bombs the Base

ROG47 Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 8:27 AM
If we actually get to ask an Establishment Brass Hat such as a John Boehner, John McCain (in my case Jeff Flake- Senate Arizona) WHY they ignore us we ALWAYS get the same smart alec/sarcastic reply: Where else are you going to go? As we have seen in 1992, 2006/8 and 2012 millions of us stayed home. I would wish my fellow conservatives would still go and voted locally but voting for weaklings, for the ethically challenged seems to be morally reprehensible.
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War Clouds

ROG47 Wrote: Dec 04, 2014 8:12 AM
Really? Germany was EVERYBODY'S top trading partner when they invaded EVERYBODY. China was Japan's major trading partner when Japan decided to invade Manchuria and later China it's self. No Good Sir trade does not prevent thugs from demanding more-it is merely and means to an end.
The Progressive's contempt for our Constitution, any constitution, any restriction on the power of government proceeds fools such as Professor Mary Margret or any of these latter day "enlightened" fools. Absolute HATE for constitutional limits on government power, constitutional acknowledgement of individual autonomy goes back at least to those sweet, cute old fascist fools such as Teddy Roosevelt, William Jennings Bryant. Our high school history books lied to us. Professor Mary Margret is just one more link in along chain of enslavement.
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