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Video: Romney Surrogate Destroys Stammering Andrea Mitchell on Outsourcing

RodT Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 10:24 AM
The Wa-Po wrote a hit article that was at best incorrect, but really just propaganda for their hero and messiah’s latest campaign. The claim of Mitt outsourcing is just as much a lie as Barry’s claim that taxing his latest hit group, that 2% already paying the most in taxes, will solve our deficit problem. Nothing coming out of the main street media is truthful any longer. Andrea is just another parrot, squawking her talking points from the Soros funded media matters. If anyone questions the talking points, they’re left with name calling. They have no facts, or even common sense now. They are weighing their polls with a 6-10 point Democrat favor! They lie!

In a post yesterday morning, I reported that Republicans were gearing up to hit back hard against Obama's baseless "outsourcing" meme, and that Romney surrogates were preparing to step up their aggression level.  That reporting was quickly confirmed in one irresistibly tasty television appearance.  Behold, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu taking a shell-shocked Andrea Mitchell to school and back in just over three minutes: