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Video: CNN Mocks Obama Camp's "Second Term Agenda" Brochure

RodT Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 9:52 AM
Barry and his Chicago campaign have been able to win elections by destroying any one foolish enough to run against them. Lies and innuendo have paved a road to the White House for our beloved messiah. He don’t need no stinking facts! Now he’s stymied, an opponent with as much money as his mafia, a clean record his entire life and not afraid of Axlerod's lies. You can tell it’s over when even CNN is leaving the sinking ship.

For months, Democratic strategists have implored the Obama campaign to roll out a robust second-term agenda.  Team Obama has declined, opting instead to pursue a puzzling "stay the course" message.  Following the second debate, Republicans began turning up the heat on the same issue. Enter Marco Rubio:

Now that Obama has squandered his best opportunities to introduce a significant positive vision to a vast audience (the obvious settings would have been his nominating convention or any of the three debates),...