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This Jobs Report Not Actual Size

RodT Wrote: Mar 09, 2013 10:51 AM
80% of Public education graduates in NYC are functionally illiterate, and those are the ones that want to go to a community collage. How many of these have any idea that their governments unemployment numbers are adjusted to make the POTUS look good? If they could even read about them, most can’t but they watch the late night TV comics. There are 2 segments of our society that are directly responsible for our upcoming demise, IMHO. The media and the teachers. Both are now completely under the control of progressives and have a the single goal of destroying from within, our once great Nation. Watch them react, in the streets, when ever someone tries to reduce their burden on the tax payers.

The American economic juggernaut keeps churning out good news folks. According to government economists 236,000 jobs were created in February, plus or minus a margin of error of 100,000 jobs.

Anyone wanna take the under here?

In other news, the BLS revised January jobs data down 38,000 jobs so that the net number of jobs created in the first month of the year was a negative 21,000 jobs.

That’s right; 21,000 fewer jobs in January than in December. 

No wonder consumer confidence is moving up. The government is lying every month about something, anything, and...