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The Devolution of Chris Christie

RodT Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 9:47 AM
Gov Christie is an East Coast liberal. I’m always amazed when someone in politics, that call themself a Republican, but live and work in a liberal state, are thought to be conservative. Conservatism left the East Coast about 100 years ago. They are all liberals, born and raised. A liberal believes that everyone else should pay for their needs. Gov Christie is no different. He stood up to his own unions, because not being stupid, he had to do something to get costs under control and the public unions are low hanging fruit. Joining the messiah, for handouts from the rest of the Nation is the natural response from a liberal, they all think they are entitled, their party affiliation is nothing but a screen to hid behind.


In the past few months, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has allowed his mouth to get in front of his accomplishments.


Excerpted from Townhall Magazine's March Pavlich Dispatch installment by columinst Katie Pavlich:

I’ve never been a fan of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, but I’ve always at least respected his ability to stand up for what he believes through hard talk and tough negotiating.

Christie has credibility in some circles for getting...