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Reviews: Laughing Joe Biden Was Condescending, Disrespectful, Arrogant

RodT Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 11:03 AM
1 of the 2 issues that the Barry / Biden campaign on, is that pirated video one of their drones managed to capture on his smart phone while hiding in a closet during a Romney fund raiser. (The other is taxing the evil producers.) The issue according to the media and Axelgrease, is that Romney had the audacity to notice that around 47% of our voter base are living off of the tax payers, and would not be inclined to vote for him, as he intends to decrease govt spending. Once the left released the video, they proclaimed Mitt a scoundrel, for making such an assessment of all those fine voters. BUT they never denied that they exist, or that the chances of the moochers to vote for fewer freebies was a forgone conclusion.

Reaction is pouring in from last night's Vice Presidential debate, which quickly descended into a one man shout-fest: (1) The RNC produced a rapid response video showing a split-screen of Joe Biden laughing as Paul Ryan discussed serious issues.  This may have been Biden's rudest tic -- even more so than the relentless interrupting:


(2) An undecided female voter in Virginia calls Biden a "