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Perry: Texas Will Not Be Setting Up ObamaCare Exchanges

RodT Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 10:46 AM
The reason these Health Exchanges are not accompanied with Federal dollars, is because of the hated tea party. The original plan was to just raise the income tax to let the hapless tax payers foot the bill for this grand plan to take over health insurance. Our progressive, elected Congress members, were sure they would have complete control for years to come. The tea party destroyed that plan, winning the House and the pocket book, in 2010. Their great achievement of Obamacare, not really a policy, they could fill the details as needed as they go along. This new plan for the health exchange to control the citizens care, is a big disappointment to Washington now, some of it’s subjects will escape.

The battle between the states and the feds on ObamaCare started years ago when the monstrous legislation passed however now that President Obama has won a second term with Democrats in charge of the Senate, ObamaCare will become a reality and is the law of the land. But, there's a catch. States have to set up ObamaCare exchanges for the legislation to be fully workable. Texas Governor Rick Perry made it clear yesterday his state would not be participating.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry officially notified the federal government on Thursday that the state will not set...