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Harry Reid: If We Win in November, We're Going to Nuke the Filibuster

RodT Wrote: Jul 18, 2012 3:35 PM
How great would it be for the Republicans to gain enough seats in the Senate in November to do what dingy Harry dreams of, do away with the filibuster, while dingy and his followers are in the minority and they will never be able to use to a filibuster to stop real legislation. After all the Dems were masters of the filibuster.

He might be bluffing or playing to the MSNBC audience, but don't be so sure.  He's already changed Senate rules on the fly to deny Republicans the opportunity to force uncomfortable votes and exploded Senate precedent on the amendment process within the last few years.  Next up: Legislative filibuster Hiroshima?

In May, Harry Reid apologized for killing off a 2010 filibuster reform bill, admitting that the legislative...