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Graham: Background-Check Bill ‘Going Nowhere’

RodT Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 10:47 AM
When the founders put "The right to bear arms shall not be infringed" in the Bill of Rights, they were well aware that we have crazy people to contend with. But they also knew a crazy person is not nearly as much of a threat to our lives as a tyrant. Progressives are tyrant, they have the single goal of controlling the citizens and milking them for every penny. Yet our elected progressives just can not understand that simple language "shall not infringe", and think they, bing the cream of the crop, have a better way. A few thousand pages of legalese, with new taxes and fines, to make sure only the folks they want to be armed, are.

Sen. Lindsey Graham blasted Democratic efforts to pass new gun-control bills on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday—particularly legislation that expands background checks.

“The current system is broken,” he said. “Why in the world would you expand that system if you’re not enforcing the law that exists today to include private transfers? So I think that legislation is going nowhere, but I’d like to have a robust debate about improving the system.”

As an example of how the system is broken, Graham explained, "There are 76,000 people last year who that failed a background check and less than...