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Dr. Ben Carson Reviews Obama's State of the Union Address

RodT Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 10:44 AM
Carson mentioned something that is completely foreign to any one liberal. The 10% tithe as the true model for fair taxing. Even the simplest among us should be able to understand that if you make $1 Million a year, you pay the govt $10,000, if you make $10,000, you pay $1,000. Every one has to pay! No free rides because some are to lazy or to stupid to work, that makes it a lot harder for our leaders to select small segments to cull and tax. It’s hard to deny this is progressive, but liberals will, see ONLY 10% is just not fair, if some have more then others. By the way, this is the basis for the “Fair Tax”, except it’s on consumption and 23% instead of 10%.

Dr. Ben Carson, the man who spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast and made major news for speaking against Obama's class warfare policies and about the healthcare system, critiqued President Obama's State of the Union address this morning on Fox and Friends.

"You've got to realize that you're the president of everybody."