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No Way: Dem Congressional Candidate Commits…Voter Fraud?

RodT Wrote: Sep 12, 2012 9:44 AM
Something that conservatives just don’t seem to understand, is that in a progressive’s mind, voting as often as possible is not voter fraud if you vote for a progressive. It is in fact part of the plan. On the other side of that coin, keeping conservatives away from the polls, isn’t voter intimidation, as long as they would be voting for someone other then the messiah. Eric, of fast & furious fame, Holder, our chief law man, has this all under control. His own personal army, know as the New Black Panthers, patrol to keep everyone in line.

If you’re inclined to tune into MSNBC from time to time (as I am) you might remember when Touré -- one of the controversial co-hosts of the daytime program “The Cycle” -- asserted on national television last month that “voter fraud does not exist” in the United States of America. Republicans, he argued, have worked tirelessly this year to disenfranchise minority voters by forcing them to procure (and show) photo identification cards when they vote. Now, of course, one can certainly argue the varying degree to which voter fraud exists in the United States. This is an important...