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Congress Leaves Work for the Day

RodT Wrote: Dec 30, 2012 9:46 AM
As the drama draws to an end, the victory for the messiah will be the story of the day. He won! Then we will be informed how our dear leader, through his great leadership policies, saved us (the masses, in this case referred to as middle class) from the horrible fate of having their tax rates, as set in the evil “Bush tax cut for the rich”, are saved from returning to the horrors of the Clinton era tax rates. No one seems to notice that for that past 10 years, all we heard from the left, was how no one but the RICH got any benefit from these same tax rates, that now are the basis for Barry’s great victory over the evil Republicans. Can you say hypocrisy?

With the end of the day coming on Capitol Hill, there is still no new plan of action for dealing with the looming fiscal cliff. Senate leaders worked off stage today, but there will be no new proposals or votes until Sunday.

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid adjourned work until tomorrow in order to allow time for Democratic and Republican leaders to negotiate a deal to present to the House tomorrow. House members officially return to work tomorrow in the hopes that they will have a new plan to work on. Taxes are set to increase on Tuesday and...