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Confirmed: Pelosi Lied About CIA Briefing on Waterboarding

RodT Wrote: May 01, 2012 10:09 AM
That the queen of the House was a liar shouldn’t be news to anyone that pays any attention to what has been going on in Washington DC the past 6 years. We have the most corrupt administration in my life time running things now. Honest elected officials wouldn’t steal $5 Trillion from the tax payers and give it to their friends. We have the liar-in-chief infesting our White House, traveling the nation to gives his campaign speeches to his hand picked audiences of adoring fans. He’s doing it on the tax payers dime, most of whom detest him and his policies . Yet we are told about half the voters adore him, now that’s a shame.

Three years ago, I wrote a satirical column "defending" Nancy Pelosi against accusations that she had lied publicly about being briefed by the CIA about the use of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EITs) -- including waterboarding -- on enemy detainees as far back as 2002.  Here's her infamous denial:

The evidence against Pelosi was so strong that her tale could only be explained one of two ways: Either (a) she was lying, or (b) a vast conspiracy had constructed a web of deceit to ensnare her. ...