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When threats and intimidation don’t work the Obama administration has no idea what to do. They have been able to shut down anyone opposed to their corruption by siccing their media to insult and smear anyone that dares to oppose. It appears that Bibi is not as weak as our GOP Congress members. The last thing Obama wants, is to have someone tell the truth about his negotiating skills with Iran. I don’t know why Obama’s concerned, his media wont report Bibi’s speech anyway.
Speaking of low information fools.
Well if the RNC didn't allow progressives, Democrats, communist and illegals to vote in their primaries, the media will call them vile names. And their cocktail circuit will become a lot smaller.
Well speaking of conservative media, did anyone notice that dear leader just took over control of the internet. He’s going to “fix” it, like he fixed health care, the budget gun running and Libya. A few of Barry's big successes. His progressive ideas were taking a real beating on the blogs, so that will be taken care of now, with almost 2 years to provide control through executive orders and regulations, to provide that little edge Democrats always need in an election. All to the cheers of his media and low information fools.
Elijah Cummings has the job of protecting the guilty to save Obama’s failed agencies. His job is to divert and make sure no one spills the beans on Barry. Imagine how much time an money would be saved for the tax payers if everyone on the panel were looking for truthful answers, instead of half of them there to hide any truth and protect the liars.
What could possibly go wrong, the IRS, is going to look into the IRS abusing citizens, after the IRS went before Congress and assured there was not a “smidgen” of evidence left after all those hard drives started going up in smoke as soon as someone started looking into Lois Learners abuse of the tax payers. Nope, not a single email can be recovered, all gone, kaput, lied the new head of the IRS. Lying is all that ever comes out of anyone in this administration. Lois was paid $129,000.00 in bonuses, plus a summer off with full pay, and a full package for her retirement, for not spilling the beans. Obama rewards corruption. So now the DOJ, is going to find wrong doing in Obama’s IRS? Obama put the word out over a year ago, “not a smidgen of corruption in his IRS”, and I bet when it’s all over no one will admit anything. After all they don’t have to. Congress can not punish corruption, just talk and bloviate. And Lois made out very well by clamming up.
Really??? And just what has your great and dear leader said every time one of his failed policies goes South? BUSH DID IT!!!
Gov Perry actually speaking about something that really matters, our failed foreign, (or non-existing) policy. We had the apology tour, then the bowing tours, then the cut & run from the middle east that gave us the ISIS, that despite their insistence, is NOT Muslim. He wasted all that stage time to blast our failed Marxist in the White House and his ketchup king statesman, the haughty John Kerry-Heinz, who served in Vietnam until he shot himself in the butt to get home to run for Congress as a war hero. Perry could have followed the other candidates and spent his time trying to take them out. That seems to be the plan for most of the candidates.
The CBO is just another Congressional scam, to fool the voters into thinking that as long as the (non-partisan) CBO agrees, it’s going to be great. That’s their story and their sticking to it. Unfortunately for the tax payers, there is no such thing as a non-partisan in Washington DC. If they were truly non-partisan they would have no one to back them. The CBO is provided the figures to compute their results. They are not allowed to actually audit the bill, just use what these clowns tell them to use. It’s like our weekly jobs report. The results have been proven. They are always wrong, but never over-estimate the cost, always very under estimate the cost of the latest idea / scheme from those 535 clowns we vastly over pay, to ignore us, except at election time.
Well Ann this is just the price the low information voter has to pay to allow Obama to build up the DNC voter pool. Obama, now going it alone, has decreed our border non-existing, so millions of not so bright can flow in for the government freebies Obama is issuing to entice them in until he can get them all registered to vote. Tax rebates because they were not here to pay taxes on income they didn’t have. Barry economics. Meanwhile our newly elected conservatives are folding like a cheap suit to media pressure.
Well no one in the Democrat party has any where near the experience at lying and corruption of the Clintons. Bubba, not only impeached, but convicted of lying by a Federal judge, now that is experience any liberal can vote for.
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