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Notice that when one Dem screams racist, they all head to the camera to parrot the charge. Maybe the GOP should start doing this. It seems to work really with the low information voters.
So the Dems are actually the bad guys in this phony wage inequality election war. (One size fits all - does not really work.) Not that it’s a surprise, this is what the Dems do all the time, waging a smear campaign against the GOP, to cover up their own failures. This only happens because they have our main street media as part of their cheering section.
Another great reason to pass the Fair Tax.
The Dems, known for their KKK roots, their fight to keep segregation in the South and they did everything they could to stop the Civil Rights Act, are now calling anyone they don’t like a racist. If you want to find a racist, take a look at the Congressional Black Congress. Lots of them in that crowd.
Sebelius thinks that her PPACA might was a flawed roll out. When has anything that the Federal government does, ever been a great success? Nothing they do is ever as planned or promised. That’s what happens when 50 egos get together to take over 1/6th or a free market economy, with their own enrichment as a goal, a disaster. It’s no better now then when it was 1st forced on us. Just because a phony number was released by our lying POTUS, does not make a failed program a big success. Any more then all his jobless numbers have done anything reduce joblessness.
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Why The Feds Chickened Out On A Nevada Ranch

RodT Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 12:11 PM
I think the reason the Feds pulled out was the optics were just too bad for dear leader and his campaign to keep the Senate in November. If he loses the Senate too, he’s toast and he knows it. I doubt dear leader cares a single wit about anyone’s safety, other then perhaps his own, if he loses his guard of the gates in the US Senate, dingy Harry Reid. So pulling back until after the election perhaps, then full ahead waging a war on a citizen to steal his lands would not surprise me. If Barry manages to keep his stooge dingy Harry as his gate keeper. After all corruption rules in this administration and Harry is as corrupt as they come.
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The Politics of Personal Distraction

RodT Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 11:59 AM
Great article, but I think the Nation needs to hold the media for the damage they do by instead of reporting the actual events of the day, they filter their reports for the approval of the White House. Personally I think Obama has done more to bring down the progressives then any GOP member, with his class warfare, hate and racist demands while parading around the world on the tax payers, claiming this once great Nation was the cause of the world’s problems. Those speeches where faithfully reported by our media, and the Nation listened. Our dear leader is so narcissistic, he has no idea what he is doing every day, when he appears on the Nation’s TV with more lies and attacks on anyone opposed to him. The rabid response from the progressives as they slide into oblivion, once again, is not a surprise. What is a surprise to me is they have no idea what’s happening.
The reason the BLM pulled out has nothing to do with anyone’s safety, except perhaps the optics for their messiah. He can’t take another Ruby Ridge, after Benghazi, Fast & Furious, and the IRS. At least not before the upcoming election. Maybe they will return to finish off the rancher after the election.
There must be some truth to this trend. The AP is not reporting it. They never report on any negative for their DNC masters.
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Obama’s Blue-Green Bust

RodT Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 11:30 AM
I think it’s time that all these green energy protesters be forced off of any fossil fuel. No more sitting in their comfy homes and office, heated by fossil fuels demanding everyone else use the sun or wind. No more! They should all gather in little pools of green energy, fossil free if you will, to heat their homes/offices and use their bikes or over priced Volts for their own transportation. True believers would not mind practicing what they preach, right? No more fossils for you! This is the only way to end this foolish demand that everyone give up our live style for their green religion. They always want the rest of us to pay for their foolishness.
The chart shows how well the progressive propaganda works. The longer someone stays in the public education system the more they think like a socialist. People living off of the tax payers always want more government spending. Imagine what that chart would look like if the media actually told the truth of what goes on in Washington DC. Instead of what they think will help their progressive party members.
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