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The black communities, all across our once great Nation, seem to hate the police. The amazing thing is that the police are all stand between the blacks and their anarchist neighbors that live a very criminal life style. Murder is common place in black neighborhoods, the police are the only thing standing against that wave of crime, but blacks claim to hate them, because they don’t allow all that crime. I know it’s not all in the neighborhood, but it’s a large enough segment to require a large police presence, all t he time and that is what they rage about. When you commit 90% of the crime you get 90% of attention. Maybe if the neighborhoods would stop the crime, the police could patrol like in the white neighborhoods. Instead of screaming at them and trying to hurt them. JMO.
The complete lack of common sense in the black community is very hard to understand. I suppose the preaching of white hate and black suppression in the black churches have the masses so blind to common sense, they are destroying their own neighborhoods. They enjoy turning over police vehicles and burning them, I wonder if they have any idea who will have to pay for that destruction? While I suspect most that are doing the actual raging will not be paying anything, they don’t pay taxes, they just receive tax money. The gentle giant strong arm artist’s family church was burned down by the rioters. Maybe poetic justice? The Brown step-dad was screaming that the rioters to burn the bi*ch down. And they did. It seems hate is the easiest emotion to inflame with lies and rumors.
Jeb was an excellent governor for FL, and term limited out. He was conservative and held in very high regard when he left that office. We really could do a lot worse, and probably will. The problem with the GOP primary system, IMHO, is that it lets the progressives, Democrat and Republican, pick the easiest candidate for the DNC to beat. We, the GOP, lose the POTUS election in the first couple of months of our primaries. By the time the elections reach the heartland, the conservatives have all been run off, and only the establishment (moderate) candidate(s) are left. So a large number of conservative voters just stay home. Been there done that. The DNC doesn’t have that problem, all their candidates are running / looking for the same thing, more of your tax money.
It looks like Chuck, not the sharpest knife in the draw finally figured out he was hired as the goat, to take the blame when our Generalissimo CIC made a mistake playing General. Chuck balked at being the goat, so it’s under the bus. There a plenty waiting in line to be Obama’s goat.
Our dear leader noticed, he even takes credit for, the great increase in energy production in the USA, after doing everything he could to stop it. It was not just the Keystone Pipeline or the coal industry that Obama was working in the background to destroy, he did all he could to delay or deny drilling on any government leases. All those billionaire friends of Obama, that plan to increase their wealth with their wind and solar subsidies from the Obama administration, have done every thing they can to stop fossil fuels of any type from reaching markets. It makes their green energy too hard to compete. Their failed green energy is too expensive and not reliable, but the friends of Obama are getting richer with it and their tax subsidies. Their goal is to save the planet by changing the climate, but all they can do is sue to stop energy from being produced.
AG Eric Holder, under a Congressional contempt citation, protector of “his” people, broker for tax cheats POTUS pardons, and proven (admitted) liar, will find something in his tens of thousands of Federal regulations and rules, to get the white cop for something. He missed his chance with George Zimmerman, so he will work harder on this one. That police officer must have said something to hang on him. If nothing else he can destroy Wilson in the courts. Going to court is very expensive for a private citizen, while the DOJ has the tax payers credit card, and no one to audit them.
"We" don't get a vote.
So the myth of lower cost health care is gone now? Or is it still the reason the entire health care system was uprooted so 30 million that couldn’t or wouldn’t buy insurance can have a free (subsidized policy) paid by someone else? Double digit you say? Is that media talk for the real increase in cost now that the ACA has kicked in? My Medicare Advantage goes up 30% on January 1st. Well it is double digit isn’t it?
Just to mention it, how do you insure against getting an ailment you already have? Insurance used to be buying against a risk. Now it's welfare and wealth redistribution.
Until our elected leaders start putting these protesters in jail, and making them and their backers financially responsible for the damage and loss they cause, they will continue destroying for their desired attention. (The Rev. Al) So just how much different are these lawless rioters then the ISIS crowd? The ISIS knows they can murder with impunity, just like the anti-everything in Ferguson last night know they can destroy what ever they want, with impunity. The killing is not far behind. The National Guard was standing by, instead of protecting the citizens last night. Maybe someone in the media should ask the Governor why?
While the liberal media may not report it, but looting, burning down buildings, breaking windows, burning someone’s $30,000.00 car is NOT peaceful protest as protected by the Constitution. The strong arm bandit thought he could attack a public servant, a police officer doing his duty and get away with it, he couldn’t. That’s no excuse for lawlessness and resurrection. The black community seem to allow the lawless to destroy their own community because of slavery long past, over a couple hundred years ago. What sort of logic is that?
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