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Secret Service Director Julia Pierson takes full responsibility, great! But just what does that mean? If Secret Service Director Julia Pierson had the same responsibilities in the private sector she would have been fired immediately. Imagine the person in charge of security at a Casino that gets cleaned out by thieves, staying on the job for taking full responsibility. But in the Obama administration, Julia is the “1st female Secret Service Director”, another land mark for their liberal diversity goals and that is far more important to the left then doing the job. I wonder if an apology will suffice if someone gets in with a bomb and blows the WH up?
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Sen. Ted Cruz: Vote Harry Reid out

RodT Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 11:15 AM
Unfortunately the US voter is very easily fooled if they happen to get up off their couch and make it to the ballot box. Today, even with the internet as a resource, it appears that a typical voter will believe anything a candidate tells them. So we have an army of snake oil salesman running our once great country. Ever notice that almost everyone running for office is always for less spending, and more control for the individual? But once elected, they vote for more spending and more control for themselves. Every GOP candidate running, claims to be a solid conservative, but once in office they attack the tea party for being to conservative. I like Senator Cruz, but I would remind him that when the GOP had the Congress and the White House they spent like Democrats and didn’t do anything to take back some of our lost liberties. So now it’s different? I doubt that.
Okay one or two of those gathered in the press room to watch over our dear leader asks a probing question, once in awhile. Yeah! Just imaging the raging press corps in that room if the POTUS and his administration were members of the GOP. And how about the evening news, talking heads on cable, do you think they would be coming up with excuses for the POTUS? They had no problem attacking GW Bush every day in every way, Obama not so much, or at all.
If you have paid attention to the lies of the left you might have noticed that their candidates are always the smartest candidate and the GOP the dumbest. It’s been thus since at least when Ronald Reagan came on the scene. Al Gore, they claimed to be a genius, and John Kerry-Heinz, who served in Vietnam, sometimes known as Lurch, put on a pedestal of intelligence because they are Democrats. I think that tactic is based in their knowledge that every year, our voter poll is dumbed down a little more, as a new crop of indoctrinated, low information young people are turned lose on the Nation by our public education system, now completely under the control of our socialist public sector unions, fully funded by the tax payers. Low information voters are a lot easier to fool.
Big surprise, our dear leader ignores his intelligent briefings. Actually it’s been proven beyond a doubt that he ignores everyone and is focused like a laser on transforming our once proud Nation into a 3rd world operation, of dependent masses. A payback for slavery?? To the cheers and with the help of our media. When you put a Marxist union community protest organizer in charge of everything, pack the judicial with activist judges, and our elected representatives hide under their desks and ignore their oversight mandate, while they steal all they can. You get what we have today. A completely corrupted Federal workforce, lying and stealing as much as they can from the tax payers. This isn’t a surprise it is expected in all 3rd world countries. Maybe it's to vote for someone that actually is not another snake oil salesman.
I’m afraid as a once great and proud Nation, we are in a lot of trouble, if whoever is leading the band takes a poll to see if warriors are going to war. That used to be the job of those 535 overpaid members of Congress to decide. Before we slipped into messiah's executive order rule.
How can anyone tell if our dear leader is just so arrogant that he thinks anything he says will be believed by the masses, or is he just so stupid he has no idea what he doesn’t know so is sure he knows everything and never makes a mistake? In History there was just one man that was perfect and they nailed him to a cross.
Obama has spoken, it’s just not Islam, the religion of peace, stoning to death, beheading and crucifying - and billions of Muslims can’t be wrong (or heard from). There seems to be a common pattern to all these Islam converts, they are either very mentally disturbed or just reprobates that have chosen a live of crime and destruction. That would enjoy a good beheading. Most convert in prisons.
Nothing could have opened the eyes of the low information voter like our dear leader has done with his 6 years of lies and broken promises, and add to that his arrogance and massive failures everywhere in the world, and you have a very large eye opener, even for the unconcerned. So many didn’t care, and had no idea just 2 years ago, how devious Obama was, but now with the IRS abuse and ISIS has shown up, and people can see the horror of his failure of his leading from behind, the effects of lying in fancy speeches becomes a bit clearer. Maybe a smidgen clearer? I think Obama has done more to promote the GOP, then all his liberal media buddies can tamp down with their massive smear campaigns for the upcoming mid terms. Democrats no longer run on their accomplishments, they run on the horror of their opponents. Every Dem running, is running by smearing, they never run on what they will do, just what their opponent might do. Like take away your SS, evoke slavery and burn all the black churches.
Well, dear leader can tout his great economic policies on CBS, because they would never dare to question his talking points. However, as a 12 year retired conservative I have paid attention to a few of his economic policies. When the old income goes away, you tend to notice such things. When Obama came into office, gas cost an average of $2.34 a gallon, the last time I filled up it is $3.35 a gallon, a 43% increase. Back in 08 a pound of bacon cost $2.00 at Wal Mart, today a pound of bacon cost $5.32, if you buy the family pak, about 2.6 times more then when Obama came into office, a bit over the claimed 1% the Fed reports. And to top it off, I just got my notice of how great Barry’s ACA will treat me next year, a nice little 30% increase in my Medicare Advantage premiums. (That’s the supposed free health care that everyone loves.) I was promised a savings of $2,500 by Barry, didn't and isn't going to happen. There is no doubt that our dear leader sees himself as an expert in everything, and surrounding himself with his toadies, and living entirely off of the tax payers, maybe it just seems to him, all is well in the great unwashed neighborhoods.
When Obama, the magnificent, was stumping, giving all those Teleprompter speeches to his adoring followers, to become the most transparent, and 1st black POTUS ever to bless the Oval office. He loved to call his predecessor, “W”, a “liar” because he listened to his intelligence agencies reports, and actually acted on it. It turned out to be wrong, and the fact that everyone else that read the same intelligence reports believed them too, even a majority of Democrats in Congress, did not matter to Obama, calling his POTUS a liar was great fun. He even blamed “W” for 9/11. The country paid a big price for that faulty intelligence, but did learn from their mistakes. Then along comes Obama, who was far to busy with fund raisers and golf to bother with his intelligence briefings, or maybe not even able to understand the reports, but now blames the intelligence workers for his CIC failures in Iraq and Syria. Obama now claims it was not his job to make sure he was informed by our intelligence agencies, it’s was their fault for everything that has gone wrong. (Nothing is ever Barry’s fault.) Obama the true narcissist, no longer thinks the POTUS is responsible for acting (or not) on his intelligence, like he claimed “W” was.
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