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Unless you happen to read the 2nd amendment, you might think it was a lot like Obamacare or our tax code, thousands of pages of exceptions, put into the law to appease donors and lobbyists. It isn’t. The 2nd is very short and not written in legalese, just plain old English. “ .... the right of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. Yet anyone elected to office thinks they can indeed infringe, because they are smarter then the average bear, or old white founder. I’m betting this latest slap down will set the office holders back to drawing boards to come up with a new infringement, instead of just following a very simple law.
Cease fires are just restocking delays. Using the mindless low information folks that believe whatever their media tells them isn’t limited to the good ole USA, it’s a world wide disaster today with the social networks in full bloom. Hamas and all the terrorist are much better at using their tweets then stuffy old politicians like Bebe. Iran is pulling all the strings, and are using the optic to demand the mobs stop Israel from defending themself, since Iran wants Israel gone, no more. Eons of hate, the rag heads see a chance to finally get their fondest hope, the destruction of Israel. They know they can not do it without the world mobs on their side. Firing thousands of random rockets to kill whatever they can, then whining that the big bad Israelis are killing their innocent children they use a shields. While the mindless low information take to the streets to honor the wishes of the terrorist, and the media rushes to ask the Israelis if they will heed the public mood.
Once again Congress, squabbling among themselves now for years and not able to get anything done, with the POTUS guard for the DNC, dingy Harry dismissing anything the House passes, while whining the GOP never does anything. These clowns will have to pass a “get out of town” compromise, they are always failures. Those 535 egos are chomping at the bit, to hit the beaches across the world on the tax payers dime, just like dear leader is headed to his paradise mansion in Martha’s Vineyard. Everyone pointing their fingers at everyone else. It’s party time folks, we as the tax payers and forced to pay for everything, we’ll have to wait until something is passed to see how bad it will be. A very far cry from what our founder set up.
The VA is always going to be a massive failure, just like every thing else the government runs. 535 massive egos, at least half of which are corrupt, and we as a people expect they can operate a health care system? Socialized medicine (the VA) has never worked. The Medicare system is only tolerable because it’s actually operated by the private health care industry, with those 535 egos doing their best to destroy medicare with their incessant meddling. The only real difference between medicare and the VA is that the vets paid for their promised health care by their service to the country, while the medicare enrollees paid with their taxes for most of their adult life. Congress turned the vets over to the socialist unions to provide their care. The simplest solution for the VA mess, is to put the vets on medicare, and have Congress pay their premiums. After all, they were promised their care, they have already paid for it.
So what else is new? These Palestinians have been whining about Israel since it was provided it’s own place to try to survive the unreasonable hate of the uninformed and low information masses, that have been raised on hate. Tens of millions of Arabs, that hate the Jews, because they got that sliver of land to try to survive as a people, and actually turned it into the only safe haven in the middle East. Israel gave the Palestinians the Gaza to develop a world economy and they turned it into a war zone to attack and rocket the people that gave them their chance. Now they riot and destroy what little they have, to protest Israel defending itself from their attacks. This is what real unreasonable hate looks like.
“Better off”, is a subjective term like “fair share”, what does it really mean? Having an insurance policy, isn’t health care, it’s just a promise that someone might pay part of your health care, if you can find someone to provide real care. How many actually need care, that are getting those insurance policies, paid for by others? Looks like about 18% of the citizens are getting the free stuff, the other 88% are paying for it. Free stuff is worth what you pay for it folks, and when it come to health care, there is no free lunch, regardless what our overpaid liars in Washington DC tell you.
This whole Hamas attack was because Israel not allowing Hamas free access into their country to kidnap, kill and bomb, for Allah. That’s why they had to build all those tunnels, with cement that Israel gave Gaza to build housing. It seems many in today’s word think Israel was unreasonable to want to protect their citizens, so they have taken to their street to riot. Now Lurch shows up to provide Hamas with a nice little restocking period. Their rocket inventory is getting low. Over 2000 of those Iranian supplied rockets already sent looking of an innocent life to end in Israel. Time to get a new supply in, and Lurch (who served in Vietnam) was ready to step up to the plate to provide the scheme, with the blessing of our dear leader, Obama the magnificent, and 300 million Arabs.
There’s no better way to control low information folks then with hate. That’s why they get them really young and keep preaching hate until they will blow themselves up, in the name of Allah, in the hope of killing an innocent or two. Hamas will demand a cease fire when they run out of rockets, and the world’s mobs will demand Israel give up their looking for the tunnels. So unfair will be mantra. It’s supposed to be some sort of justice.
We have reached a transformation of our "people’s" government, where the Constitution is no longer any more relevant then any other law of the land. A leader that ignores our laws and writes his own, along with a SCOTUS that is also rewriting laws to fit their judgment. We have judges that every day, overturn legal votes of the citizens for their own ideology. Judges have taken the principle of “one man one vote” and changed it to, their vote is the only one that matters. The entire world is on fire, our country is sinking into chaos and our dear leader is happy as a clam, as he turns our once great Nation into chaotic bankruptcy, while our elected members of Congress are to busy taking care of their lobbyist friends to notice. But there is a little good news. We about to get as short reprieve, as all our overpaid elected leaders head out for their month long summer vacations, on the tax payers dime.
Hamas knows they can not beat the Israeli, so they are doing the next best thing. Fire up the mobs. Get them very young and preach hate all their lives, it works. This isn’t new, it worked for Hitler in the thirties, worked so well he was able get his mobs to agree to the holocaust. The cry then was “kill the jews”, just like it is today, as mobs across the world take to the streets to voice their hate, supposed hate for killing the innocents in Gaza, but they don’t hate the Hamas for putting those innocents at risk? Mob rule is never logical, just a way to express unreasonable hate. Works every time, and history repeats.
The left spends a lot of time and money selling their pie in the sky minimum wage by fiat and $15.00 / hour hamburger flippers, and free everything for life, entitlements. Ever wonder why the mobs out in the street demanding a “living” wage, don’t just start their own hamburger joints and pay themselves a living wage? I do. Yet they just stand in the street and whine about how unfair everyone is. If they instead of promoting the dream of wealth redistribution, and started to promote self responsibility, and how to succeed on your own, maybe this once great Nation would start down the road of a working, free market economy again. The socialist dream of every is entitled to everyone else stuff, has never worked, and it’s been tried over and over with the same horrible results. It never ends well.
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