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Queen Hillary has no reason to debate, she knows nothing about anything, as she has stated in Congressional hearings under oath. So why debate? Save the money for videos of her greatness. The Queen is due her anointment after standing behind/beside her impeached Hubby, convicted liar, accused rapist, and we should not forget Hillary’s role as leader of the Bimbo Eruption Squad while Bubba was prowling the halls of the White House. Her reason to be POTUS besides being a woman and she cares. The media has set up the race rules, with the Obama candidacies, where the DNC candidate is lauded and allowed to skate on any investigations, while the GOP candidate gets every stone unturned for any dirt, real or made up. During the POTUS election cycles, the accusation is just as damaging as any truth, to the late night comics and the low information voters.
Well she is black, and like almost all blacks, she sees anyone not black as a member of the KKK, or the tea party, which to a Democrat is the same thing. Our problem as a voter, we wont get to vote. Those that promised to represent us in Washington DC are going to vote, and those on the GOP side will want to be really fair, and never let their personal feelings interfere with the POTUS not getting his choice for AG. The media wouldn’t like that. The Republicans would never think of doing what the Democrats do all the time, attack, attack and attack, smear and lie, and never give a Republican POTUS their choice if they have to votes to prevent it.
I believe back in the Bush administration, Congress agreed to $8 Billion to build a fence. Then Congress decided to hire an air plane builder to build the fence, instead of a fence company, spent all the money, and built a hi tech fence, instead of a real fence. Spent all the money, for the fence that isn’t really a fence and didn’t work and once again the government had enough egg on their face so the folks that did this went back under their desk to avoid anyone finding out. Is it really that hard? It’s a fence. Anyone sneaking in, gets sent back. How many billions could that cost? Oh, never mind.
Doesn't take a genius to figure out that armed citizens are a bit of a risk to strong arm, so the more intelligent criminals, keep their activities to gun free zones, and liberal run metro areas, where the cops have their hands tied.
Funny how every bad thing from Barry's great ideas, never hit until after the next election. It's almost like he planned it that way.
Obama and his progressives in Washington DC have built their Empire on corruption and lies, and like all socialist empires like this, they implode whenever some truth leaks out. Obama and his bobble heads, decided to do a little prisoner swapping, to get some good media press and sent 5 of Gitmo’s worst back into the ME battle, for a deserter they thought would be received as a war hero. Not bothering to actually look into their warrior hero before breaking years of precedent. We do not bargain with terrorist, before Obama took charge. Now we do, and all of a sudden American’s trying to help in that hornets nest are being kidnaped and having their heads removed as an incentive for Barry to do a little more trading. Our dear leader, thinks he has all the answers, it’s to bad he has nothing but mindless egotism instead. A lot of people are going pay a big price for our dear leaders ignorant narcissism.
I watched the Gov Kasich interview on Fox News Sunday, and was interested in what he had to say about Common Core. Kasich said Common Core was run by the local school board, not the Federal government. The school board set up the circular, and what the local schools taught, not the State or Federal government. This is not what I have been led to believe about Common Core. So what is the truth? Do the socialist unions set the circular from Washington DC, or can the local school boards do it? There is so much lies reported today, it’s very hard to get any actual truth. But I do know that Kasich did have a lot to do with working to balance the budget when he was in the Congress, and the people of Ohio seem to believe in him too. We could do a lot worse for POTUS, and in fact almost always do, like the messiah in charge today.
Most still have no idea how much damage our dear leader has done and what he hopes to do before losing his most important pen, the phone means nothing. It’s his EO that has the power he so relishes. Imagine poking Sarah Palin in the eye, along with the entire State of AK and the tea party, all in one simple stroke of his pen, and what will all the climate acolytes and billionaires do to show their appreciation for saving the climate? Now that is real power, this is what happens when you turn your Nation over to a corrupt union organizer.
Wow another surprise, the Obama DOJ like Obama lies. The entire Obama administration has been throughly corrupted by dear leader and his academia pin heads running things for him. How needs truth when you have power?
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This Is “Forward”?

RodT Wrote: Jan 25, 2015 11:39 AM
Moving forward to Obama and his progressive friends means forward into socialized government, a system that always fails, to protect them from a free market economy and our Constitution. Obama has managed to spend $9 Trillion we didn’t have in a little over 6 years, and he has 2 more years to crank up the debt. Those evil Republicans claim to be against all that spending, however the voted to allow it all, every penny. Obama is now CEO & CIC, also the US Senate & House, and has at least 4-9ths (any one notice all SCOTUS decisions that effect ideology are always 4-5) of our Supreme Court ready to vote for anything he wants. So he only has to bribe or extort only 1 more of the 5 remaining life time judges, to get his way. And dingy Harry Reid changed centuries old Senate rules to pack the Federal courts with good progressive judges. Moving Forward is going to be a painful trip for those of us that have lived when the Constitution was the rule of law, and most politicians didn’t dare to lie in the media, the cost was just to great.
So all these Muslim murders that are cropping up all across Africa and the Middle East, murdering for fun and profit, (remember, that really don’t represent Muslim) seem to be able to enjoy the fun of good massacre, any where any time they want. Cartoons are bad, murder is okay. The latest benefit of the social network, are videos of their hate and barbarism in living color. Their new way to enjoy and share their murderous fun for all to save and donate. Amazing how these same Muslim were supposed to have gone crazy over a You tube video they had never seen and attacked an killed our Ambassador and 3 seals in Benghazi, while Obama was (no one knows, another state secret), and Hillary was hiding under her bed, it wasn’t her fault, she knows nothing about it.
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