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Yeah you can believe anything you hear from this, the most corrupt administration in my 75 years. Where more agency heads have been proven lairs in testimony to Congress then I have ever seen. Lois Lerner is a not a liar, and you can keep your doctor if you want to, and we just witnessed a great gathering of folks, public and private, as they planted the gentle giant, as they babbled about what a great kid he was. That just minutes before his demise, was recorded in a strong arm robbery. Lies rule the day in the Obama USA.
Liberals seem to have a defect in their gene pool. They vote for politicians that promise policies that destroy our conservative, free market life style, that also made this Nation so great. Then when those policies become so unbearable to live under, they pick up stakes and move to a more conservative state, but they continue voting for the same policies that destroyed their last location. It’s happening everywhere that we see a large exodus of liberals settling in. Turning strong red states purple, until they then take over their government and turn it solid blue. Take CO for example, it took a couple of decades, but it’s now a solid blue liberal haven. Insanity is just to simple an explanation IMHO.
Well Barry had to sleep on the UBL, (16 hours) take-down, and we will probably never know what he was doing the night Benghazi was burned to the ground, and 4 Americans lost their lives. No one will tell just where are brave CIC was during the fight, he went to a fund raiser the next morning, but we do know they had that video on U-Tube excuse all ready to go. So now we learn our dear leader was thinking on the escape from the ISIS jail for a month or so. No hurry I guess, none where any of his people. Speedy decisions are just not Barry’s way. There is a Marine in the Mexico jail, waiting for Barry to put in a good word after 4 months. It takes time to come with a scapegoat, in case things don’t go as planned. We know Barry is never going to take the fall.
Just as soon as they get the gentle giant and strong arm robber, (unarmed black teen, and shot I broad daylight), murdered by that cop, he tried to beat up, planted, the Obama race protectors will have a place to show up and fix everything, Maryland! The Rev Al and AG Holder a couple or proven liars and race baiters can get a great protest going for this mayor, that was kicked out of his own town hall. Obviously for no wrong doing on his part.
So what makes anyone think that a new immigration law, comprehensive or just step by step would even be enforced by this administration? They and most liberal elected leaders refuse to enforce our existing law.
Any voters that listen to those scripted speeches off of the Teleprompters as a basis for voting deserve the horrible representation they receive from their votes. Our dear leader is a master at making those Teleprompter speeches seem real, but we should know by now, he often doesn’t even understand the words he’s spouting. The black community have been listening and voting for decades, and are still complaining today about the same thing they complained about 50 years ago. But they have not figured out that their politicians lie. Any politician that attempts to win election by telling the truth will be destroyed by the media. Wake up America, vote based the candidates actions, not what they promise.
Pay no attention to this folks, that ISIS is just a bunch of local yokels, they pose no threat to the great US of A. The greatest, albeit a shrinking force, ever known. At least that’s the story from our dear leader and his supposed war leaders in Washington DC today, after the White House set them straight for daring to call this JV bunch a threat to home land yesterday. After all UBL is dead and GM is still kicking, thanks to our dear leader, that is right on top of everything, he finds out about in his media.
Pretty much says it all! Two things a making all this possible, our union run public education system, turning out young heads full of mush, that have no idea what the truth and ethics are, this is what happens when you replace morality and facts, with propaganda. Then the so-called free press, that have been subverted by the left to be nothing but a parrot for the left talking points, and spouting ideology in the place of actual news. The voter pool has been so diluted by non-thinking, low information voters spending their time playing with their smart phones, that we are left with the lowest from of leadership in my 75 years.
Hillary’s only qualifications for POUTS are she’s a female and she stood by her rascal Bubba in the hopes of a big payoff. So how will the GOP taking over the Senate change that? I suppose the Obama media can always rewrite the history of the past 6 years and blame all the failures on the Senate, since the Dems will no longer be leading the charge there. No one seems to notice that Democrat majority leader, dingy Harry Reid has stopped any passed legislation from the GOP led house from reaching the floor of the Senate, but the media parrots the administration’s claim that the Congress does nothing. Dingy Harry Reid has been very busy preventing any house legislation from being voted on.
The great downward spiral really sped up when the progressives had acquired the judicial activist in power, to remove morality from our public class rooms. It is very hard to oppress an armed and informed populace, but take away their awareness with indoctrination instead of education, and replace their morality with chaos and lies and you have what we have today. A corrupt Federal government on the brink of bankruptcy, aflame in racial strife and crime running amok in our big cities. All under the watchful eye of a union community organizer from Chicago and his sycophants.
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America: The Ostrich Years

RodT Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 11:29 AM
The problem with hiring a union community organizer from Chicago to become the most powerful man in the world, he’s still a union community organizer from Chicago, not an economic genius, or a military commander, or even someone with a work ethic, or a bent to speak the truth. What we have, running the show, is a union community organizer from Chicago that thinks his only job is to fund raise between golf outings, vacations and giving canned speeches to the very young. I get a chuckle out of the media whiz that explain how the POTUS needs his vacation(s). Except our POTUS has not spent 8 hours being POTUS. He spends his time fund raising and golf. After all, he never knows anything until he reads it in th NY Times. I suppose that might be what Barry considers his job, reading the NY Times to see what happened yesterday. We have to thank the voters for such a great POTUS.
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