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Trained in the White House. Got a problem, just change the numbers and tell everyone everything is great. Works for our dear leader all the time. He’s doing it now with his Obamacare, declaring the debate over, he won, no one is to speak of this again. And his bobble head media are cheering and clapping. The liberal solution to everything, just lie about it.
Surprise? So someone thinks that Hillary and Bubba are honest folks? Just mis-understood, when they were caught lying and doing their evil deeds no doubt. Poor Bubba, that evil Fed Judge picked on him. The Hillary will be using here new campaign slogan, “What difference does it make now”? To make sure no one can ever mention all their corruption while living off of the tax payers for the past 25 years. They couldn’t afford a house when they came on the scene, now they are filthy rich, all on their Federal, ta payer funded salaries, and perks? Just like Harry Reid.
Our politicians are spending about $4.5 Trillion every year, a 0.035% tax will never cover their spending. IMHO the only way to end this nightmare, is as you suggested, everyone must have skin in the game, and only Congress can adjust the tax amount and ONLY by a 2/3rd majority of both houses. No more using the tax code, picking winners and losers based on the donations to parties. The “Fair Tax” stated 23% on purchases would be required.
Any tax credit is just another way to have wealth re-distribution, and any tax cuts, not accompanied by spending cuts are lies. Borrowing money to cover tax cuts, simply puts off the taxes to be paid with interest some time later on by someone else. Funny how no one in government, or their peripheral hanger-ons, all living off of the tax payers, can ever just do some simple law to bring the Nations accounting into good accounting standards and practices. In other words the simple truth. Kicking the can down the road for ten years, to run for office today, isn’t the truth it's just another lie from the money laundry we call Washington DC. 60 - 80% of voters now understand our dear leader is a proven liar.
What a poll, do you suppose Reuters will ever ask that same question about Hillary? After all, her legacy with hubby, an impeached and convicted liar, scoundrel and accused rapist while in our White House. Not to mention her role as head of the bimbo squashing squad in their White House. Then we have her years in the US Senate accomplishing nothing, followed by a 4 year stint as Sec. Of State, where the US has lost almost all the good will built up for decades before Obama, lose of an ambassador under her watch, eruptions of terrorist across the Middle East, then appearing at a Congressional oversight hearing and not remembering anything. A real liberal hero? Compared to Jeb, a man that was a very popular governor, term limited out, never accused of any crime, real or imaginary, but held in disregard because his family has served? I think our problem are our voters more then our corrupt leaders.
Our dear leader has been lying to this Nation for 5 years now, and a recent polling showed that at least 60% -80% of the voters now have figured it out. Not that it would ever stop our community organizer from going on TV and spewing his hate and lies as though everyone will believe him. With lots of felling. He knows how to work a crowd. Like Barry’s insistence that the GOP wants dirty air and dirty water, and wants to take away your health care. He insist that the Republicans said “no one will sign up”as he declares any further debate over. Like any snake oil salesman, you say what might sell your product. This how Lois Learner defended her abuse of power running the IRS, declared herself innocent and then refuse to answer any questions, claiming it would incriminate her. I’m, betting we have not heard the last word from our dear lying leader on his ACA, he will be using it to crow all they way up to the November election. By t he way, Barry includes all the children on parents insurance policies as part of his great recruitment of the 18-35. No one gets to see the data, just what dear leader tells us.
Wow, a war on this woman, and with racism to boot, all in one ball of wax, and all from and for the party of tolerance and diversity. I bet this wont show up on MSNBC.
What’s wrong with this picture? We were told there where at least 30 million citizens that were suffering without any health insurance. (No one mentioned they already had free health CARE.) Then dear leader spends over a billion dollars to promote giving away free health insurance to all those Obama voters that were so suffering. Now after over 5 months and no one knows how many millions of tax money, he claims that 8 million have signed up. (60% of voters now know Barry lies) He can’t even give away our money successfully, in the form of super duper, Obama approved health insurance, that comes with all the necessary add-ons like free contraception and free abortions, protected from any religious believes. Another great success story from our community organizer. Another investment by der leader.
The primary system is designed to allow party members to weed out the incumbents that have failed to live up to their promises when they were sent to Washington DC to represent their constituents. It’s not much help to allow Dems to vote too.
There is only one reason for any government to demand something be registered, they are coming for it.
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New Dem Strategy: Stop Running From Obamacare

RodT Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 12:08 PM
Actually the left seem to be sure they can use their media and their propaganda mill to keep the truth hidden until after the November election. Dear leader is leading the propaganda with his propaganda speeches to the cheering heads full of mush in our collages. (All paid for by your taxes.) Only the few Democrats faced with their angry constituents and hoping to stay on the tax payers gravy train after the upcoming election are worried. They know what a lie Obamacare is.
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