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Well the thing is, no one in Washington DC needs to worry about oil or employment. They earn double the national pay level by working for the Federal government or the Federal hanger ons, that all live off the tax payers, that today, have absolutely no way to stop all the excessive spending, that keeps Washington DC rolling along in any economy. Never a recession in DC. The Keystone to any Climate change expert it like a cross to a Vampire, so the really wealthy will keep their paid bureaucrats busy stopping any fossil fuel project. Who needs another 20,000+ jobs when only 92,000,000 are looking for work? Not the liberals.
I find it amazing that voters will vote for the flip-flopers. Walker, a Republican turned Democrat turned Independent. He would become a Wig if he thought it meant one more vote. Not a man of any real ethics to speak of. He isn’t the first, we have Charlie Christ in FL, same pattern, change parties to get on the ballot, then Mr. 16 Oz drink himself, and anti gun activist Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, ran under all three with enough billions to buy the votes. They crop up every election cycle. They troll for votes from the low information voters, by changing party to confuse the dumb.
In the real world the buck stops at the top of the food chain, in the Obama administration, everything flows down the chain.
Secret Service Director Julia Pierson takes full responsibility, great! But just what does that mean? If Secret Service Director Julia Pierson had the same responsibilities in the private sector she would have been fired immediately. Imagine the person in charge of security at a Casino that gets cleaned out by thieves, staying on the job for taking full responsibility. But in the Obama administration, Julia is the “1st female Secret Service Director”, another land mark for their liberal diversity goals and that is far more important to the left then doing the job. I wonder if an apology will suffice if someone gets in with a bomb and blows the WH up?
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Sen. Ted Cruz: Vote Harry Reid out

RodT Wrote: 21 hours ago (11:15 AM)
Unfortunately the US voter is very easily fooled if they happen to get up off their couch and make it to the ballot box. Today, even with the internet as a resource, it appears that a typical voter will believe anything a candidate tells them. So we have an army of snake oil salesman running our once great country. Ever notice that almost everyone running for office is always for less spending, and more control for the individual? But once elected, they vote for more spending and more control for themselves. Every GOP candidate running, claims to be a solid conservative, but once in office they attack the tea party for being to conservative. I like Senator Cruz, but I would remind him that when the GOP had the Congress and the White House they spent like Democrats and didn’t do anything to take back some of our lost liberties. So now it’s different? I doubt that.
Okay one or two of those gathered in the press room to watch over our dear leader asks a probing question, once in awhile. Yeah! Just imaging the raging press corps in that room if the POTUS and his administration were members of the GOP. And how about the evening news, talking heads on cable, do you think they would be coming up with excuses for the POTUS? They had no problem attacking GW Bush every day in every way, Obama not so much, or at all.
If you have paid attention to the lies of the left you might have noticed that their candidates are always the smartest candidate and the GOP the dumbest. It’s been thus since at least when Ronald Reagan came on the scene. Al Gore, they claimed to be a genius, and John Kerry-Heinz, who served in Vietnam, sometimes known as Lurch, put on a pedestal of intelligence because they are Democrats. I think that tactic is based in their knowledge that every year, our voter poll is dumbed down a little more, as a new crop of indoctrinated, low information young people are turned lose on the Nation by our public education system, now completely under the control of our socialist public sector unions, fully funded by the tax payers. Low information voters are a lot easier to fool.
Big surprise, our dear leader ignores his intelligent briefings. Actually it’s been proven beyond a doubt that he ignores everyone and is focused like a laser on transforming our once proud Nation into a 3rd world operation, of dependent masses. A payback for slavery?? To the cheers and with the help of our media. When you put a Marxist union community protest organizer in charge of everything, pack the judicial with activist judges, and our elected representatives hide under their desks and ignore their oversight mandate, while they steal all they can. You get what we have today. A completely corrupted Federal workforce, lying and stealing as much as they can from the tax payers. This isn’t a surprise it is expected in all 3rd world countries. Maybe it's to vote for someone that actually is not another snake oil salesman.
I’m afraid as a once great and proud Nation, we are in a lot of trouble, if whoever is leading the band takes a poll to see if warriors are going to war. That used to be the job of those 535 overpaid members of Congress to decide. Before we slipped into messiah's executive order rule.
How can anyone tell if our dear leader is just so arrogant that he thinks anything he says will be believed by the masses, or is he just so stupid he has no idea what he doesn’t know so is sure he knows everything and never makes a mistake? In History there was just one man that was perfect and they nailed him to a cross.
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