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The left spends a lot of time and money selling their pie in the sky minimum wage by fiat and $15.00 / hour hamburger flippers, and free everything for life, entitlements. Ever wonder why the mobs out in the street demanding a “living” wage, don’t just start their own hamburger joints and pay themselves a living wage? I do. Yet they just stand in the street and whine about how unfair everyone is. If they instead of promoting the dream of wealth redistribution, and started to promote self responsibility, and how to succeed on your own, maybe this once great Nation would start down the road of a working, free market economy again. The socialist dream of every is entitled to everyone else stuff, has never worked, and it’s been tried over and over with the same horrible results. It never ends well.
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Obama To Go Big on Unilateral Amnesty

RodT Wrote: 11 hours ago (4:13 PM)
So once again dear leader is going to go it alone, to save the Nation from free market capitalism. Just like when he used the borrowed $80 Billion to save the GM and the UAW unions with the tax payers credit card, from all the bad decisions. But notice the tax payer is never mentioned when our dear leader is out crowing about how he saved GM, he hardly ever mentions he gave a big chunk of GM to his good buddies, the UAW. This influx of future DNC voters is what is on his mind now, and he is sure once he makes them legal with his famous pen, (why do we have 535 over paid congress members??), no one would dare to rescind his great humanitarian favor.
So once again the devious left out smarted themselves. Now they will have to lie to hid their mistakes. At least they have a long recorded of lying to cover the ineptness of this administration. This little “error” was the left’s way to hope to cause the GOP governors lots of grieve. If the States didn’t do what the Obamacare architects wanted, their voters would suffer, and force all their voters to come running to the DNC to get their free health insurance, their “subsidy”. Part of the old Cloward & Piven, destroy from within plan. No one on the left ever considered that so many states would not do as they were told, head down the road to bankruptcy with their socialized medicine scheme to control the Nation forever. What a surprise when the justices figured this out already.
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CNN Poll: 35 Percent Want Obama Impeached

RodT Wrote: 17 hours ago (10:06 AM)
If you want to compare disgruntled voters reaction between GW Bush and our dear leader, one should also take into consideration how the media treated each POTUS. After all the polling is very dependent on what the media is reporting. In the case of Bush, the media was trying to get him impeached the day he was first elected, the media was warning of a coming recession when the economy was booming. But with their anointed one, Obama the magnificent, the same media has refused to even report on most of his scandals, while the economy is in the cellar. Employment participation today is the same as the Jimmy Carter debacle, yet the media ignores it. What the media does has a very large effect on the polled masses, IMHO.
Well if you have happened to see any or the recent on-the-street interviews, you can understand the results of this poll. Great displays of intelligence were not on display. So many know think they know so much, that know so little. The results of 50+ years of a public education system run by progressive unions. The government have produced a lot of low information people, that could care less about everything,
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Video: Israeli Spokesman Schools MSNBC Host

RodT Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 3:19 PM
Okay so another surprise, one of the many progressive trained news readers, has no idea what she’s speaking about. The talking points are really not all the informative. They are intended to inform their uninformed, keeping them in the dark. Everyone on the left, are reading from the same talking points, every day all the time. From the White House liars, to the MSNBC voice of the White House to the NY Times news and editorial pages, everyone gets the same message, media matters puts out to their masses, to keep them all cheering the on-going failure of our Federal government today. These ‘spinners’ are everywhere on TV. Where ever there is a debate on TV there will be a fast talking spinner, explaining the wonderfulness of our dear leader and all his minions. Including what dear leader meant to say, instead of his actual words and their true meaning. Knowledge is never needed to read talking points, or debate the truth, when you have a poll to back up your talking point spin. A person with real knowledge really stands out today, but they are never spin for the administration. They don’t have to.
Another Washington DC leadership drone, with another plan to reform Federal welfare, by increasing Federal control over the States. So is anyone surprised? The GOP members are just as concerned about their control over the masses as the progressives are. When the GOP had control of the WH and both Houses of Congress they didn’t cut spending, or reduce regulations, they did what all politicians do, increase their control. If you are going to elect snake oil salesman to Congress, you are going be stuck with a lot of snake oil. Pay no attention their promises, look at the results of their actions. They all lie.
Our dear leader was born, raised and educated Marxist, so he is well aware of the value of lying to your audience to keep them cheering. When he gives his speeches, from words someone else wrote, off of his Teleprompters, he is not interested in anything more then being loved. A nice 15 second video bit for his media to show. It is amazing to me that people smart enough to accumulate very large amounts of money, enough to attend these fund raisers, seem to enjoy being lied to. But then when it comes to Hollywood the size of the bankbook seems to be directly related to the size of the boobs, not the brains.
So do you need a better example of why the progressives need really low information, misinformed followers? What a question, but would Rockville MD be firing rockets at the IMF, before the IMF responded? Does that even enter into the equation with liberals? No need for any details in the land of the foolish. Every time someone does a man-on-street interview, the low information types step up to show their level of intelligence. Most professional protesters are also collage graduates, with a useless degree, whining for more freebies. They are not noted for their intelligence, just their foolish blather.
The ACA was a socialist wealth redistribution scheme, hidden by all those lofty lies, spewed by our dear leader and the progressives that run our lives today. The left uses their army of low information voters, that get their news from the late night comics that are also Barry’s allies. Until the whole ACA mess became active, the lies worked. (Our leaders would never lie!!!) Now slowly as each segment of the ACA kicks in, the horror of the debacle becomes more clear. We have a long way to go, to finally realize the true horror of socialized medicine in the USA. But it’s on its way. It seems ONLY the POTUS can change laws now. After over 50 years of progressive indoctrination in our public education, millions of voters are sure a Federal subsidy is a free gift from the messiah. They have no idea that some worker had to pay taxes to fund those subsidies. Stupid is as stupid does, is becoming commonplace in the USA.
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