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What a combination, the social network and the very easily offended. The left have found a new Constitutional right, the right not to be offended, or even annoyed. Who needs facts, when they have been offended, nothing will end the hate, but at least attempting to destroy the offender is great fun. We have so much hate, just waiting to be offended, so they can attack. This is what happens when you remove morality and common sense from our public schools and replace it with socialism, sex education and hate for the successful.
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Connecticut Mom Charged for Leaving Preteen in Car

RodT Wrote: 38 minutes ago (4:24 PM)
The problem is with governments fixing every ill they think needs fixing. Unfortunately, no one has much common sense today. What does this story say about the quality of the police that would arrest a woman for an 11 year old child, sitting in a car, on a 85 degree day? It’s the summer, the sun comes out, and temps go up. 85 degrees is 14 degrees under normal body temperature, not much of a risk. But today, a law is a law, no matter how stupid it is, it must be enforced. Unless it’s our dear leader and our immigration laws.
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Is a New Housing Bubble Possible?

RodT Wrote: 52 minutes ago (4:10 PM)
The government makes loans using other peoples (hapless tax payers) money, to folks that have no proven way to repay the loan, the unfortunates, and usually are not required to use their own money in a down payment, that would be an incentive, to actually service the loan. A bubble or a plan? I bought my 1st house, in the mid 60's, a $15,000 price for a nice 3 bedroom in Campbell CA. I had to put up 20% of my own money, and had to prove I could afford the payments, insurance and taxes and the payment would not exceed 25% of my take home pay. The banks were risking their own money, so they never loaned more then they could recover. When liberals in Congress decided to use their power to buy votes from the low end of the economy, by writing laws that forced banks to make loans to the “needy”, that never had a chance to pay the mortgage, but since they also demanded no-down loans, it was a get a home of a while for fee plan, from the Democrats in Congress. Government backed loans by the tax payers. What could wrong? The tax payer suffered, just like the always do. They called it a bubble, but it was a scam for low income votes. Nothing the government does ever makes sense, unless your running for office.
First off, Hillary doesn’t write books, she has people that do that. She just takes credit for them. Next she is a notorious, and known liar, so just who in their right mind would waste their own money for Hillary whining about how tough everyone has been on her? The book publishers where just buying access to any future Clinton regimes they might manage. Maybe they can get the socialist unions to chip in and purchase enough books to make it seem another great success from the house of Clinton.
Well if the opposition can not impeach, and can not sue, just what can they (we) do? According to the corrupt in office today, it’s all a big joke. After all everyone does it. $17.5 Trillion in debt, destroying our military, our borders in a shambles, welfare rolls exploding, while our dear leader assures us, that like you can keep your doctor, his border is more secure then any ever before. And now he wants the tax payers to cough up another $4 Billion they don’t have, to take care of the millions streaming in after he promised them amnesty if they would come. Governing by fiat, and then going on TV and crowing about it. Now he’s back on TV and traveling the Nation on the back of tax payers, fund raising for the DNC and accusing the GOP of causing all his failures because they are all racists. So we should just grin an bare it?
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Federal judge orders IRS to explain lost emails

RodT Wrote: 5 hours ago (11:25 AM)
Very important to note this is only happening because of the FIA, a private lawsuit, not from any Congressional oversight hearings. All our Congress can do, is pick sides and bloviate for a couple of hours, have a nice tax payer funded lunch and go back to working for their lobbyist and unions. The DOJ control everything today, and Obama controls the DOJ, so nothing will ever be reported that might cost the DNC a single vote. This is what happens when the government is totally corrupt. Nothing new in the world, just somewhat new in the USA. And it only took Barry 5 years to throughly corrupt our Federal government.
Nancy Pelosi, the epitome of the loony left’s rich, legislature. In their official Congressional seat for life. It was Nancy that had no problem going on TV and declaring she (and we) had to go ahead and pass the PPACA to be able to find out what was in it. No sense waiting until the bill was written. A really great legislator. Someone that is very proud of the destruction she has brought to our once great Nation. If not a lawsuit then what, grin and bare the corruption?
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Officers say no 'stand-down order' for Benghazi

RodT Wrote: 6 hours ago (11:02 AM)
AP had to get this news right out. They ignored the Benghazi story for over a year, but good news for the administration, is reported immediately. I wonder how long it will be before we get news from the AP that the Benghazi murders never really happened. It was all some phony video by some GOP members attacking Hillary and Barry.
This just can not be true. Lies, all lies, according to SF Nancy and dingy Harry Reid. Didn’t you see all those video snips of dear leader preaching to his hand picked collage student audiences, all across our Nation, he has secured our borders and not only that, he has deported more illegals then anyone else - ever. There’s no problem on our border, Barry ha fixed that. This must be the lying racist GOP, attacking our dear leader because he’s half black.
Our dear leader, born, raised and educated a Marxist, is doing what he has done all his life, lying with impunity. He loves photo ops, as long as they are not putting him in a photo that can be used to attack him with. Now even his faithful NBC is questioning his ability to rule. Imagine dear leader amongst the tens of thousands of indigent young folks he enticed to our border by “going it alone”. Bypassing the do-nothing Congress, to do it his way. What a photo that would be for the GOP to caption. Urkel, whining “did I do that”? Come to my mind.
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