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It become more apparent every day that the Obama policy is; anything that Bush didn’t do is his policy. Libya is a prime example, Bush went into Iraq and destroyed Saddam in a few weeks, Libya’s Gadhafi noticed right away and cried “uncle” and turned over all his WMD, and started acting like a more respectable despot. Gadhafi wanted to get along, he had no idea what Barry would do to him. Obama saw an easy victory ,so he took out Gadhafi, and turned Libya into another Islamic mess, with his leading from behind. Might have even done in his next-in-line, the Hillary, with the Benghazi debacle. Barry and his administration did every thing they could to blame some hapless U tube video, but only the media bought that. A year later and no one knows where our dear leader was that night. Our dear leader has had an impressive string of absolute failures, everything he has done, has failed. At least as far as our Constitutional Republic is concerned. But if the Obama transformation was to turn the USA into a Cuba type Utopian paradise, he’s right on schedule. Using the Cloward & Piven plan.
The Dems have a big advantage that GOP candidates don’t have. That is the media. Their media will never mention the gaffs a Dem makes, from the lowest candidate right on up to the gaff master himself, VP Joe, plugs, Biden. 40 years living of the tax payers and accomplishing nothing, but now sits 2nd in line to POTUS. Hero to the left. If a member of the GOP makes a gaff, the media and all their side shows, like the Huff&Puff, Politico, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, AP and on and on, all report on the gaff for at least a week, and there are an untold number of progressive trolls and columnist that will have several articles daily to report on that GOP gaff. A Dem, not so much, actually not at all. When you depend on the low information voter to stay in office, the media must help.
Anything that impairs someone’s mental ability will increase traffic fatalities. As the highways get always more crowded the impaired driver becomes more dangerous, IMHO. Even texting has been proven to be an impairment. The war on the DUI driver is more slogan then actual. If law enforcement wanted to reduce DUI they would be in the parking lot as the bars close, all across this Nation, testing anyone starting their vehicle and driving off. They don’t do that, they wait until after the accident in most cases. I’m sure activist judges would not allow it anyway, something about their rights to kill, like with abortions.
Wont take long for the progressives to take this over and like everything else they do, distort it to train their army of really low information voters. Maybe someone wanting to boycott, should do some real research instead of depending on their app.
To bad that there are not some activist judges as concerned about the death of the unborn as they are about the rights of some to kill them. “Endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among these are LIFE etc”. Written in the Constitution of the United States, nothing in there about being annoyed because of being pregnant. Seems to me, ending the life of an unborn does limit their right to LIFE.
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Obama Does Have A Strategy, And It’s Awful

RodT Wrote: Aug 31, 2014 10:43 AM
Our dear leader indeed does have a plan, in fact he articulated his plan when running for POUTS in ‘08. It was to transform us to something more fitting his Marxist upbringing. Like Cuba! It was a little hard to detect his plan, with all the cheering from his media and Hollywood. His strategy really isn’t his, this domestic strategy was first articulated by a couple of academic communists from Columbia, Cloward & Piven. Destroy this Nation through welfare, and if nothing else Barry has tried succeeded, he has doubled our welfare costs, while reducing employment and with the hoards streaming across our open borders, looking for their promised freebies, the finish is within sight. Why should the ISIS worry, we will be reduced to whimpering fools in a very few short years. Raising the minimum wages to $50.00 / hour wont do anything but speed up the decline.
A slim lead in a blue state is a promise of a loss. In blue states the vote counters can cover any minor defect in their vote count. There are always boxes of ballots hiding in someone’s trunk just waiting for a need to appear, to save the day (election). The DNC learned their lesson well in the FL, Bush recount, they leave nothing to chance now.
There will be a period of time, between the November elections and the start of the new Congress where lame ducks will be in charge of our government. This will be the 1st time our Nation will be exposed to this threat, since dingy Harry Reid made a simple majority rule, which he will have during this lame duck session, where some lame ducks have nothing to lose, so why not get even with their ungrateful voters. A great time for the progressives to do a little more destruction to our once great country.
The reason there are not many voter fraud convictions is simple, the left has made it almost impossible to bring such a charge. Then to convict someone, intent must be proved, not an easy task, and with the cost of litigation today, only the really wealthy could afford it. Then the judges come into play. Judges have been overturning legitimate election results all across the Nation, when their ideology demands it. When the elected establishment wants to squash a fraud case, there will always be a judge around to do lt.
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GOP Sen. McConnell's campaign manager resigns

RodT Wrote: Aug 30, 2014 11:47 AM
The AP like most leftist reporters are all giddy, they have something to crow about. On Yahoo there are no less then a half dozen article about this. It’s almost like no leftist was ever caught in a scandal, or lying, like Obama, Holder, Clapper, Learner and on and on. The good people of KY will decide who will be their Senator next Congress, not the media, not that the media is not sure they can sway enough low info voters to help our dear leader.
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