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The race baiters are worried that someone might point out what they have managed to build with their hate speeches. So it’s time for another speech, blaming the tea party for everything. In my mind’s eye, I see skinny, black, bespectacled Urkel, asking “DID I DO THAT”? Yes race baiters you did do that.
The internet is a wonderful tool, but it’s also allowing some large problems. The social media, is a place where opinions are immediately turned into facts, and hate is promoted and grows beyond most peoples believe. It seems everyone that has been engaged in recent horrible crimes also love to brag about their crimes on social media, looking for friends?
Looks like comrade De Blasio better hope he never needs his NYPD to come to his aid if under attack. I bet there will be lots of delays showing up to help their comrade and leader.
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A Despot's Tale

RodT Wrote: 14 hours ago (11:06 AM)
Like everyone else, as I read your words I had the loon Kim in mind as your subject, but in every paragraph I thought, he could be talking about our Marxist in the White House. Well as it turned out, you were. I applaud you for taking the risk of being edited by Barry’s IRS for daring to write what a large majority of tax payers think every day. By the way, our progressive union run public education system knows what you write is true, that is why they indoctrinate instead of educate our young now.
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Obama: No justification for murder of NYC police

RodT Wrote: 14 hours ago (10:55 AM)
Our 3 biggest hate promoters, Obama, Holder and the Rev Al, are changing their story today. Now they are all for the police! Reminds me of Urkel’s “did I do that”? They never intended to wind up the nuts into a fury to go out an kill for their cause, ‘color is an excuse for crime’. Today they are shocked that anyone listened to their cries to get the cops. They led the chant to kill the cops, but didn’t think anyone would? When crimes is ignored, it always grows in intensity. The killing of the two police officer should have been expected. Social media is going nuts with hate, thanks to our race baiters.
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Louisville 1st-in-South to raise minimum wage

RodT Wrote: 14 hours ago (10:46 AM)
I wonder do these folks that show up on sites like this to promote some get-rich-quick web site make minimum wage? Will they go on strike if whoever is paying them don’t give them more money for their postings? That would be a blessing. Depending on some government to increase your wages is not a great personal business plan, but it does fit the union template.
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The Worst Liberal Lies Of 2014

RodT Wrote: Dec 20, 2014 10:38 AM
How sad is it that we have to decide the 5 worst lies from our dear leader? It wasn’t that long ago that a lying POTUS would be run out of the job, but today we have to understand his lies, while he goes off on another $4-5 Million tax paid vacation. This is not going to end well.
This isn’t a surprise, those in charge of socialism are happy as clams, they are after all the only ones in their miserable country that lives high on the hog. I bet she doesn’t want her subjects to have guns either.
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Friday Filibuster: The Cuba Libre Edition

RodT Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 4:30 PM
What a great opportunity for Obama to fix his failed economy, and once agin give a big boost to UAW workers again. Open Cuba up to GM and at the same time start a Cuban loan program, and an unlimited number of Volts. Like the student loan program, tell us what you want the tax payers will give you the money. Nothing down, just assure Obama that you intend to pay the loan back sometime. Interest rate a 0.5% for 100 years, so your $40.00 / week pay will allow you to make very, very low payments. If you can’t make the payments, then the US Tax payers will take over for you, it’s the Obama way. Cuban car loans will have to include filled out DNC voter registration, so when Barry’s internet voting executive order is issued, Cubans are all set to vote for Obama’s party.
I can not think of anyone that has done more to promote racism then our POTUS and his wife, except perhaps his AG, Eric Holder, protector of anyone of the right color. The media is always tell the viewers, how only someone of color could understand all the abuse colored folks suffer. That’s a 2 way street, and it appears that most folks of color have no idea how little most white folks care about your color, until you want to use it as an excuse for breaking the law, or causing harm to others. The Obama and Holder have been doing of 6 years now.
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