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Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Cochran win

RodT Wrote: 4 hours ago (11:55 AM)
The reason there are not many voter fraud convictions is simple, the left has made it almost impossible to bring such a charge. Then to convict someone, intent must be proved, not an easy task, and with the cost of litigation today, only the really wealthy could afford it. Then the judges come into play. Judges have been overturning legitimate election results all across the Nation, when their ideology demands it. When the elected establishment wants to squash a fraud case, there will always be a judge around to do lt.
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GOP Sen. McConnell's campaign manager resigns

RodT Wrote: 4 hours ago (11:47 AM)
The AP like most leftist reporters are all giddy, they have something to crow about. On Yahoo there are no less then a half dozen article about this. It’s almost like no leftist was ever caught in a scandal, or lying, like Obama, Holder, Clapper, Learner and on and on. The good people of KY will decide who will be their Senator next Congress, not the media, not that the media is not sure they can sway enough low info voters to help our dear leader.
Gee the tarnish on our messiah's star is starting to show? For anyone that cared to look into our dear leaders past, successes etc. instead of reading the glowing talking points from the DNC and his PR firm, our main stream media, then you would know that this guy was a union organizer for protesting in Chicago. Not a CEO with any experience in anything other then giving canned talking point speeches. A trained puppet. So you get what you vote for, and we are stuck with this loser for a couple more years.
Well this is a Federal government agency. I doubt it’s any worse then any other Federal agency. They are all union controlled now (thank you JFK), unaccountable to anyone, with a limitless budget. The more they can spend in a year the more they get next year. The Federal way! The perfect environment for a union to succeed beyond it’s wildest dreams, and thanks to all those elected Democrats, they have and will continue to. The last thing on the VA employee’s mind is the vets. The employees are untouchable and they know it. Nothing the Federal government ever does, is successful, the VA is just another example. Free health care is only worth what you paid for it.
Come on this is a long time iconic Democrat, she doesn’t need to worry about any law. Laws only apply to Republicans and conservatives, not good progressive liberals. Little Tommy Daschle, big wig Democrat from S. Dakota got caught up in that same issue. He was run off, when his constituents figured out little Tommy was voting for his lobbyist and not the farmers of SD. Will the good folks of LA figure it out too? Probably not, since she is just another entitled in a long dynasty of entitled by their name.
This used to be the land of the free and home of the brave. No more. Now it’s Barry’s land and all his progressive sycophants in power have the right to attack and destroy anyone they don’t agree with. And our Federal government will help them do it. All those Federal union run agencies that are turning out regulations day and night, to make sure no one will ever be free again. Constitution? What Constitution?
The left have so many liberal rags putting out their version of what the evil GOP is or should be doing. On the Yahoo site, the left’s answer to Drudge, there are endless leftist articles telling of all the problems the GOP has and of course what the should be doing. But you wont find any of these rags talking about the DNC, it just isn’t done. No mention that their IRS heroine, Lois Learner erased her Blackberry, not a peep about the missing emails that may or may not be missing, but lots of articles about what a cad Mitch McConnell is and how he is going to lose his election. Low information voters are very easy to train with the help of the media and late night comics. The left always has inside information as to what the GOP is doing, and always ready to inform the RNC what they should do to win the White House. We all know how much the DNC wants the GOP to win the White House and the US Senate. Right???
Or the truth was drowned out by the cheering of the so called free press.
I’m pretty sure no one remembers, but the CBO also told the Nation what a great deficit / debt reducer, all those free (subsidized) Health Insurance policies would be for our Nation. Remember? Obamacare would cost us less the $1 Trillion, promise? It's approaching $3 Trillion and isn't even fully implemented yet. Would cost to many DNC votes to let the full horror of Obamacare to hit before the mid terms. Nothing reported from this administration is truthful but just more fodder for the talking points from the White House. This is the most corrupt administration in my life time.
I find it amazing how the black community can completely ignore known facts that don’t fit their template to riot, and make up their own narrative to riot by. Who needs facts when they have CNN and MSNBC? The Ferguson event is a great example, the gentle giant was on video pulling of a strong arm robbery, minuets before his encounter with that policeman, where his strong arm technique caused his demise. He bashed the cop in the face and walked away, the cop reacted, but has anyone giving their speeches in the black church reporting these facts? The Rev Al is a reprobate in a shiny suit, preaching hate. With a history that would disable any non-black from speaking anywhere.
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