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JMO, but if the voters of Maine can not figure out who is lying, then they will deserve who they elect. Just like in every other State. Why should anyone care what some print editor, or Newspaper thinks?
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"Obama Has Never Broken a Sweat in His Life"

RodT Wrote: 1 hour ago (4:33 PM)
Our dear leader was an affirmative action baby. Lucky to come along at just the right time to be pulled through life by his color. Never had to excel because he was almost black. That fact he really isn’t black didn’t even matter. There’s a reason no one can see his records, and as we now know, our dear leader is a classic narcissist, if there was anything in his past to brag on, it would be out in the open, not locked away from prying eyes. When it was time to back up all that talk with action, Barry had nothing to say and no idea how to do anything. Being black didn't help.
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Republicans Close Early Ballot Lead in Iowa

RodT Wrote: 1 hour ago (4:22 PM)
JMO, but I think our dear leader, Obama the magnificent, has done more to promote the GOP in only 6 years then they could ever have done by themselves. The messiah is one really bad leader, a classic narcissist, obvious racist, can only give speeches that some writes for him, and lies. An undeniable loser. What could any GOP politician ever done to show the, always half asleep US citizen, real reason socialism always fails? Those multi airplane, multi million dollar 1st family vacations are pure gold, for the conservative cause.
What does it say about the voters these Democrats are targeting with their racist lies? Are there really large blocks of people that will still respond to such tactics, used over and over? When was the last time some GOP member burned a church or lynched someone? I think it would be easier to find when Democrats did those things. The black community have been faithful voters for Democrats that have promised to take care of them for well over 50 years. Yet even under our 1st black POTUS, the black community is still the worst off financially, the highest unemployed, the highest on the dole, and yet they will swallow more of the same rhetoric the Dems always put out whenever they are looking for votes. Blaming the GOP or whitey only lets the lying Democrats off the hook for their own ineptness, lies and failures, IMHO.
Surprise, surprise. Our government squanders our money. And our elected Senate members could not find a single dime of spending to cut, after a special committee of their peers, spent a couple of your million to look over the budgets. Nope not a cent wasted there! So in 13 days it’s time to vote to send all the big spenders back to increase the debt. Even the Nations adored teachers, our hero citizens, are spending over $60 million of their dues money to keep their big spender spending. We get the corruption you vote for.
Dingy Harry Reid took that big step to allow himself, as king of the Senate, to pack our judicial with lots of very enlightened and progressive judges. Without the need for any opposition voting. Really helped get our courts right. Now it’s common place for a judge to nullify the vote of the people, that are just not voting they way they should.
So 41% still think our dear leader is going a great job. Wouldn’t you like to hear their story? Well actually you do almost every day on cable TV panels, where the spinners are really ramping up their spin. They are moving into GOP lynchings now. In the land of the spinners, accusations are all that are important, and time is getting short. One of their points today seems to be that voters hate the GOP more then they hate Barry, yeah! However, the GOP has the media hammering them 24/7, 365, while the same media is making excuses for the DNC and their messiah. I think that might have a bit of an effect on that polling. But how does one reconcile that the GOP is polling to sweep a lot seats, while being hated by the voters? Could the polling be wrong, or biased even?
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The Hunter Biden Chronicles

RodT Wrote: 6 hours ago (11:10 AM)
Well folks in just 13 days you will get to vote for those running to be in control of our government and your life. I notice that everyone running is actually a conservative now, and promise to put an end to all this corruption, that those running for re-election have been a part of. Maybe instead of being enlightened by their 15 second promo videos, take a look at what they have actually done the past 6 - 30 years. There are dam few conservatives in DC. Goggle is free, and provides a lot more information then those campaign spots.
If there is one thing the DNC is good at, it’s packing the house and controlling the debate with their own moderators. That helps the video bits on their media evening talking points reports. The GOP is just happy to get an invite.
When politics depends on the least informed to win their elections, this is a proven tactic.
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