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China splurging on military as US pulls back

RodT Wrote: 12 hours ago (10:29 AM)
While hardly ever mentioned in articles from the left like this one, is that those still working US tax payers are funding the Chinese military build up, with their interest on the loans of all the money our Congress spent (wasted) that they didn’t have and had to borrow from China. So now the Chinese can keep on building their military while we are broke, and our leaders, always looking for more money to spend, are diminishing our military back to pre-WWII levels. More progressive thinking from our elected leaders. Maybe someone should ask Ukraine how well a useless military works out. They turned their protection over to the Billy Clinton. Good luck with that.
There is a real problem with a society that is more concerned with the disposal of the murdered unborn then the crime of murdering them. JMO. Would putting them in little wooden boxes and burying them at the local land fill be better?
Does this mean that the GOP is done letting the progressives have the rumor mill all to themselves, destroying anyone they want with their lies and rumors ? Low information voters, the bulk of the Dem voting blocks, don’t pay any attention to anything that isn’t on MSNBC or the late night comics. When the tea party in the 2010 election, and was not under attack from the Fed. Agencies, like the IRS, they were very vocal, and swept the elections all across the Nation. It was so bad the messiah put the IRS on the job. GW Bush showed how well taking it on the chin and grinning worked out. I hope someone in the GOP leadership has figured out you must fight fire with fire. Let the name calling begin!
See what happens when the lawyers run things? Now everyone annoyed with anything is suing. Did someone make these ladies sign up for their couple of hours of fame 16 weeks a year? Did they hire on without knowing their pay? Is there a union involved? Are they too stupid to just quit if not happy with their work? Maybe they could put out tip jars and let the fans pay for their great displays of entertainment, during the games.
So the Dems will be improving their smear campaigns for the upcoming election. They can not even lie about the great messiah’s recovery, it doesn’t exist. So they will do what they always do, use their smear merchants to gin up the background noise and depend on the seriousness of their accusations to carry the day with their army of low information voters. After all they have 95% of the media, all of Hollywood and of course now 100% of the late night comics. All they have to do now, is come up with another freebie to get their voters off the couch and out to vote.
So our dear leader’s transformation is becoming reality in his great recovery success. For some reason he thinks paying the uninformed and inexperienced higher wages will solve all our problems. Never understanding just who it is that will have to pay those higher wages. Heading into his 5th summer of recovery, job participation is reaching all time lows too. Another big success from the progressive left. In charge of everything but not responsible for anything.
I think that our dear leader has done his best to put off any bad results of his great government run health insurance scheme until either after the upcoming election, to save his gate keeper, dingy Harry Reid, or after he pulls the golden parachute out and Barry and brood head off to live the rest of their life, as royalty, off of the tax payers, on a beach in Hawaii. The problem is for all the waivers and illegal changes to the law of the land, it still stinks! It will be impossible to hide the ill effects it will have on everyone now. It’s poison for our health care system has been released, and the results are coming and soon. All this is law did was turn the best health care system in the world into the government’s welfare system, Medicaid. But with the force of the jack booted IRS goons to make sure everyone enjoys. Unless of course you happen to be in Washington DC and are in the special people group.
MSNBC is the Alinsky voice of the messiah, funded by the very wealthy liberals that attack the Koch brothers for daring to use their own money toward their conservative leanings. The ideology of intimidation is in full steam ahead today. Since I have never tuned in to these loons, I assume they are all addicted Obama kool aid drinkers, and have now come to believe their own lies, since that is all they ever hear. They live in their George Soros funded bubble. They are working with the low info voters, to keep them from actually tunning in to anything that might wake them up to what’s happening to them. As the lies pile up it gets harder and harder.
Well another great Congressional fix / disaster. It appears that perhaps there was a kernel of truth or good, in their original idea. That being since tax payers were paying for so much free health care, that forcing everyone to buy insurance, they will spread the freebie cost to 310 million instead of that small percent that pay income tax. Anyone not buying insurance will be fined at a rate to exceed the cost of buying a policy. What could go wrong? Well a look at History explains what will result, disaster everywhere it’s tried. Now their 1st problem was with their voters. They didn’t want to have to pay for their own insurance let alone someone else. And if they are mad they wont vote! So dear leader, being the honest union organizer he is, figured out he alone could let his favored voters skip the penalty. Waivers for all his good friends. The rest (GOP) can pay for everything. Then dear leader found out that so many were mad, the DNC might lose the Senate. Not part of the plan. So being the genius he is, he just delayed any bad stuff until after the election. In some cases until after he hits his golden parachute, and jets of to his beach mansion in Hawaii. So with only the good (freebies) in the law active, and all the bad stuff coming after the election(s), he has a winner that almost everyone will love. Now his problem is over 60% of voters know he lies.
If only dear leader has as much back bone as he does when fighting an old rancher in NV, to collect some money for the cows eating his grass. A real show of force when his grass is on the line.
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