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Wow, I wonder if our dear leader knows of this liberal Democrat, Mary Burke, a documented failure just like himself? A perfect fit for the Obama administration. She would make a great Czar to run his economic policies. An arrogant limousine liberal, born with a silver spoon, and dumb as a rock. Perfect fit for the DNC too. She will make a great puppet for the unions.
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Final WBUR Poll: MA Gov Race = Dead Heat

RodT Wrote: 13 hours ago (3:59 PM)
Well at least there’s only 4 days of media polling to herd their low information voters to vote their way. Another big DNC advantage will be the vote counters, they are all progessives. If the vote is close enough for a re-count, then the vote counters can do their thing and win the elections for the messiah. The left learned their lesson on recounts in the 2000 FL debacle. Never leave it to chance again. MA wont be electing anyone but a DNC candidate. They change their laws to make sure the Democrats have the edge
The DNC is in trouble, but they still have 5 days and tens of millions of dollars to sway their voters, so never under estimate the evil of the progressives. Not ONLY do they a money advantage, but they also have a big media advantage, the entire Federal work force advantage, and their unions, with millions of union teachers sent out to knock on doors. The unions are the ground force to get their voters to the polls, as often as needed. Unions command a large force, and most are paid very well by the tax payers, and do as told by their union bosses, that are also controlling most elected Democrats. It’s a big hill to climb, to over come the corruption of the left. The left no longer loses recounts, they have perfected the art of vote counting.
JMO, but I think that this latest crop of corrupt Democrats that have filled all the slots for election to high office are a direct result of a media that will ignore any Democrat’s corrupt past and attack their opponent with unfounded accusations. The country needs a free and truthful media that will expose the rotten apples, not a cheering section for them, like our Obama media today.
Holder is sorry he couldn’t make his attack on Rosen stick legally, so now he apologizes for not being successful with his unconstitutional attack. Our Nation’s lawman, the US AG is sorry he got caught, while our POTUS was just shocked when he read about it in the NY Times. These 2 Marxist clowns have done more to promote the GOP then anyone in the GOP IMHO.
Lots of (I) candidates running this year to split the vote. Another DNC trick. I guess Nader hurt the Dems enough that they can use the Democrat in Independent clothing to help out their election results. By the way just how many Independents in Congress caucus with the GOP? If it looks like a duck, walks like duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck, or in this case a Democrat trying to fool voters.
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Marco Rubio: Scott Brown is "One of a Kind"

RodT Wrote: Oct 29, 2014 12:27 PM
Sorry Marco, IMHO Scott isn’t “one of a kind”, he is just one more self indulgent politician, that once having a taste on that tax payer’s gravy train, wants back on, and with a life time pass, the US Senate. The Congress have passed laws, rules and regulations to make re-election almost a foregone conclusion, when combined with their lobbyist money, and Federal freebies, only those caught red-handed on tape, don’t get re-elected.
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Africa: A Tragic Continent

RodT Wrote: Oct 29, 2014 12:17 PM
Detroit = Africa = corrupt black leadership. There are two concepts that I think made the USA the shining city on the hill. Our founders fought for freedom and liberty, which means a fee people and a free market economy, and they also demanded Christian morality teachings in our public schools. Our Constitution was written to protect these basic principles from the Federal government meddling (or tyranny). So what happened? Our elected and wealthy progressives have been fighting to end our Founders vision for one of their own, since day one, for a socialist system were they control everything. (Tyranny) By planing and patience, they are on the threshold of success, with the help of a progressive paid for media, that is far from free. Obama was the Trojan Horse, after 60 years of socialist public education, indoctrination, and so many citizens converted to brainwashed government drones, the trap was sprung. It only took a couple of Teleprompter speeches. Today it’s commonplace for a Federal activist judge to dismiss the vote of the people, based on their own ideology. Judges now find anything they don’t like to be discrimatory.
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Incumbents Always Win

RodT Wrote: Oct 29, 2014 11:40 AM
There is no such thing as “the voice of the people” today in our Federal government. Really big money runs every election today. An honest candidate would never make it today, unless they had been really successful enough to fund their own campaign. Makes no sense for the big money to back someone that wont pay them back, 10 -100 times more with tax dollars if elected. I bet a total of all funds spent for this mid term election would shock most voters, and a big share of all that money is going to the Obama media. The big money is spending large multiples of what the candidate would receive (before stealing) during his term. No one ever questions whey some 80 year old politician, running for the 4th or 5th term would spend so much money to stay in office. Our Federal government has been turned into a corrupt race for your money. The Feds have spent $18 Trillion they didn’t have, and are spending about ½ Trillion per year, every year, and the voters love it. According to the TV talking heads, the GOP is paying a big price for daring to try to shut down the spending. I believe they are right.
Another DNC dirty trick, get someone to run as an (I) candidate to split the GOP vote. Every little bit helps.
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