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Why is this corrupt administration so worried about Netanyahu giving his version of the secret negotiations between our own version of Neville Chamberlain, the haughty John Kerry-Heinz. Everything this administration does is a secret, is always against the majority opinion, and usually has some special interest getting a payback. The problem we face today is Neville did it because of stupidity, Kerry-Heinz is doing it because Obama is telling him to, and he loves to be on TV. Kerry-Heinz was never a patriot IMHO. Our problem is no one is looking out for the USA, except maybe Bibi.
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President "But"...Obama

RodT Wrote: Mar 01, 2015 11:16 AM
What Obama meant was we are now a Nation under HIS laws. And the majority of GOP Congress members hide under their desk. And if you don’t like it he will send Eric Holder and his IRS after you.
Bobby is right, all our newly elected conservatives just re-elected the same leadership that created most of our current problems, and now can not even take the chance to end Obama’s illegal amnesty. They are back to reading polls, the last election results now long forgotten. Everyone knows Obama has exceeded all Constitutional boundaries, and the sad part is every day he goes further down the road to socialism, while our heroes in Congress fear being smeared by the media for not folding like a good sycophant. Obama has now taken over the internet, and banning bullets and on it goes. Voting for folks that claim they are conservative is not working well, once elected they become liberals. IMHO Congress members are there to enrich themselves, their constituents are on their own.
IMHO the biggest problem with the so-called "conservative" movement is their lack of conservatism. Oh they give great speeches, but once elected they fold like a cheap suit for approval from their leadership and the leftist media. The most recent election was a great example. The election culled the Democrat herd to numbers not seen since the 40's, but still all those “conservatives” that are now running Congress folded at the 1st chance. They all said "give us the majority and we will stop Obama". Right!! It was bad enough they re-elected the same leadership that got us into this mess, then they wont vote to end the Obama illegal amnesty, they all claimed to fight to the death while running. Now most are calling those few real conservatives that are not folding names. Never judge anyone in politics on what they say, judge them on their actions.
Media matters is as bit more then a Soros funded watchdog, they are the headline generators for Obama and the far left’s smear campaigns, and boy do they have smear campaigns going. Check out a Yahoo listing of dozens of article blasting the GOP for every imaginary wrong they can conjure up. The strange thing is not a word about any Democrat wrong doing in there whole “fair” reports. So did Soros give up on destroying Rush and move on to O’reilly now? Soros & Company just spent over $200 Million to buy Obama’s Net Neutrality, I wonder why?
When the GOP was running for office in November, they promised they would put a stop to Obama’s lawlessness. Fight tooth & nail for the conservative values of the USA. Then they got elected, now they promise not to deny Obama whatever he wants, as long as the mean old media will stop calling them names.
What does this say about Obama’s AG, our own Boss Hog? Here he is whining that by golly it’s just to hard to prove law braking by using truth and facts, so it’s time to be able to use Facebook and tweeter for evidence (opinions) to win cases against the conservatives or non-believers. Like marriage was between a man and a woman, now innocent until proven guilty is just so old fashion. We are now an enlightened society.
We get the corruption (and weakness) we elect to run our lives. In the last election, every GOP candidate vowed to fight to the end, the Obama lawlessness. The 1st vote to do that, and they just can’t bring themselves to vote against funding whatever he wants. The whining from the media, the administration and the now minority Democrats appears to be enough to scare all those supposed conservatives back under their desk to hide. Since they will never impeach and now will not use their power of the purse, they are just wasting our time and money, lots of our money. Obama is invading from the South and using tax money to entice the hoards, while Congress is worried about what the media thinks of them.
So explain why "everyone" afraid of Bibi's speech? Censorship is never a good thing, if Bibi is way off base, they can send out their army of smear merchants to give their version.
When threats and intimidation don’t work the Obama administration has no idea what to do. They have been able to shut down anyone opposed to their corruption by siccing their media to insult and smear anyone that dares to oppose. It appears that Bibi is not as weak as our GOP Congress members. The last thing Obama wants, is to have someone tell the truth about his negotiating skills with Iran. I don’t know why Obama’s concerned, his media wont report Bibi’s speech anyway.
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