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Have You Heard About Hillary?

RodT Wrote: 1 hour ago (10:49 AM)
Come on Derrick, the Hillary is the darling of the left. Her claim to fame is she’s a female, and she cares. That’s it and you might notice no one will ask just what she cares about, but a Goggle search of her history answers that question, it's money that she really cares for. Hillary, with Bubba in tow, will do just what she has done since arriving in Washington DC, lie and tell everyone how much she cares. She is the perfect candidate for POTUS under the DNC banner, a seasoned liar and a myth, with the media providing the color for her.
Obamacare was lie from the start. An ages old dream of progressives, a way to get control of the health care, and with it the control of the voters. The real dream of the leftist running our government. It took a special circumstance in our government, super majorities for the left. Arrived in no small part by 6 years of demonizing GW Bush. These elected leaders promised all manner of great things to come with Obamacare. Not the least of which was free health care for everyone that didn’t want to pay for it. The voter pool has been so diminished in logical thinking that the corrupt in DC managed to get their dream into law, with a minimum of outrage. A lot of heads rolled in 2010, but they still are in charge. So now we suffer with every other country that lives with socialized medicine. It’s never really worked, anywhere it’s ever been tried. Who needs a free market, when Santa Clause run the Nation? (Maybe the tax payers?)
Well once again our VP proves his real worth, a POTUS insurance against impeachment. Joe was put in charge of those billions of stimulus money. No one could put anything over on old Joe, we were promised. Look how well that turned out. Everyone put everything over on old Joe, because he’s an idiot. At least old Joe can take the blame for our dear leader, as once again, not Barry’s fault, no one told him until he read it in his NY Times.
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Is DWS Getting Fired?

RodT Wrote: 1 hour ago (10:11 AM)
Come on, it’s not just that DWS is a liar and excels in smear campaigns, the problem the DNC has is there entire ideology is and has been based on lies, rumors and exaggerations. Like Bush was going to drag people of color behind his truck if he was elected, Harry Reid going to the floor the Senate to inform the Nation that Mitt Romney has not paid his income tax, the GOP will burn down the black churches. Little gems the DNC uses to keep their really low information voters in line. Their exulted leader, Barack H. Obama has lied so much in the past 6 years, that the smoke is clearing, and the mirrors are becoming obvious to even the low info folks, that are led by their nose by the late night comics. DWS’s days of being useful are over, at least for awhile.
Speaking of dear leader and his long reach, I wonder why he doesn’t reach out and touch the Mexican leaders, to release that Marine, in jail now going on 6 months for a wrong turn. I suppose that Marine isn’t an Obama donor, so he can rot there.
It requires a lot of personal fortitude to fight a Federal agency, let alone win in court. Something that is becoming almost impossible today. Our Congress has allowed the Senate to change the way judges are appointed, to avoid having any vestige for fairness in the appointing process today, thank you dingy Harry Reid. Since the media have taken on the duties to protect the Democrats and destroy the GOP, we have our Federal agencies going rogue everywhere. The lies of the IRS are really just the tip of the iceberg. Corruption rules our overpaid Feds today, and the corrupt in high office know they can do their dirty deeds and not have to worry much that anyone in the media will notice or report their acts. Over 95% of the media are leaning and protecting liberals. They no longer report the news, they manufacture it to advance their political agenda. IMHO, AG Holder, the man in charge of our judicial system, is as corrupt as anyone else in government.
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A Terrible Polling Day For Democrats

RodT Wrote: 20 hours ago (3:39 PM)
Most forget that the Democrats don’t have to win, just keep it close enough for a recount. They haven’t lost a recount since the FL debacle where they learned a lesson and then how to steal elections. They do the counting and have the judges that will agree with their counting practices, that includes using those lost ballots they find and counting until they find enough lost votes to win. George Soros spends is money wisely.
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Multiculturalism Is a Failure

RodT Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 11:10 AM
Come on lets face it folks, Multiculturalism is just another tool in the progressive’s tool box to gain more control. For well over a century, in the USA immigrants, from all over the world were received with open arms. But we expected them to not only pay their own way, but to assimilate into our culture, not change our culture to reflect where they came from. History is not full of La Raza’s like groups, taking to the streets waving their homeland flags, and demanding more free stuff and citizenship. Our free market culture and economy is under attack from the special interest that want to “transform” us into their own vision of socialist Utopia. Using the hoards of illegals creating the chaos needed to keep the county in constant a turmoil, so our elected progressives can fix it for us.
All these polls that are supposed to show a GOP takeover of the Senate, do not consider the left’s more then adequate voter fraud experience, or the ability of the low info voters being herded by the late night comics, all while the GOP whines about how it’s just not fair. Besides if the GOP does happen to take control, so what? They had control during most of the Bush administration and acted just like the Democrats, more spending and more regulations. Remember everyone in Washington DC hates the tea party, GOP, DNC, RNC, no one wants to slow down the spending your money, it’s their reason to be there.
Whew, it looks like dingy Harry Reid got the Appeals court packed just in time! So who will enforce an order to release the documents, if such an order is possible now, if our esteemed AG Eric Holder, head lawman and architect of the failed Fast & Furious debacle, decides to ignore any orders from any judge? Like this administration’s ignoring the judges order to not ban drilling in the Gulf. When you are the messiah, a judge is pretty small potatoes.
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