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Well Ann this is just the price the low information voter has to pay to allow Obama to build up the DNC voter pool. Obama, now going it alone, has decreed our border non-existing, so millions of not so bright can flow in for the government freebies Obama is issuing to entice them in until he can get them all registered to vote. Tax rebates because they were not here to pay taxes on income they didn’t have. Barry economics. Meanwhile our newly elected conservatives are folding like a cheap suit to media pressure.
Well no one in the Democrat party has any where near the experience at lying and corruption of the Clintons. Bubba, not only impeached, but convicted of lying by a Federal judge, now that is experience any liberal can vote for.
Another big surprise from our new Senate, that vowed to stop Obama if elected.
Yeah right! But the real question is will you vote to overturn his veto of that same bill? Why would Obama not veto his won illegal amnesty, and why would all those Democrats that would hold up DHS funding for his illegal amnesty vote to over turn including Manchin ?
The only people that don’t know (or would admit) that Lois Lerner used her Federal IRS position to abuse conservatives looking for IRS approval. After all she admitted it herself, way back when she dropped that bomb that must have had some expected result that just never happened. Instead it started the evil GOP looking into the illegal abuse of power in the IRS and the Democrats looking into some way to protect the IRS. There is no doubt Lois did the evil deed, and her punishment was a summer off with a paid vacation, and $126,000.00 in bonuses, and a full retirement benefit package paid for by the tax payers, some of which she abused. But this is what passes for justice in today the US government.
It seems to me the problem with conservatives, is that most are not really conservative, they just like to talk like a conservative (cinos?). Not all of course, there are a handful of actual conservatives in DC, but they are attacked constantly by both sides and the administration. Nothing is more important to our elected members of Congress then their position of power. The US voters sent the Democrats packing, all across this Nation in the 2014 elections. Yet the very first thing all those newly elected “conservatives did, was to re-elect the exact same leadership that put us in the current mess. Including a long history of caving for the hoped for love of the media. Their next action in the US Senate, was to cave to demands of those remaining Democrats, the new minority, to essentially approve of Obama’s illegal amnesty. Something every one that ran in 2014 claimed they would fight to the death. This red herring about voting on a separate “amnesty” bill does not include a plan to override the sure veto from the White House. All those new friends in the minority will NOT vote to over ride their messiah's veto. All those conservatives that got elected or re-elected, were doing what Obama does every day, they were lying to get your vote.
Once our elected members of Congress agree to let our imperial President do what ever he wanted, we were doomed. When our Congress allowed bypassing our Constitution, they set the wheels of our transformation into operation. Lying is not a great way to rule, and our dear leader has been lying for 6 years now, and just shot down that pipeline with a few more lies. Buying that Canadian oil instead of oil from OPEC fits our dear leader's agenda. If our Congress were there to represent the people instead of the their lobbyist, they would have impeached Obama years ago.
I wonder how many Democrats in the very, very blue, and very cold Boston still believe their GW settled science that 2014 was the warmest year on record?
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Yes Obama's Amnesties Do Increase Deficits

RodT Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 5:06 PM
Everything that the Obama crowd does is claimed to lower the deficit and save every one money, unfortunately that $18 Trillion debt, that grows every day, sort of puts the lie to it. Not that anyone in the Obama administration minds a little lying to get their way. Those 30 million free health insurance policies, that were going to save every family $2,500 a year that are now costing every family at least that much a year, proved all the savings with free Obama insurance. The good news only some 5 million of that 30 million showed up for their free health insurance (with the $9,000 deductible), the bad news, Obama enticed another 5 million illegals to come on down for his freebies.
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O'Reilly, The Man Who Wasn't There?

RodT Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 4:54 PM
The left always has to come up with a moral equivalent when one of their liars gets called out. They may have to go back centuries to find something they can use to say “see you did it too”. They really are funny, since they seem to think no one will notice. It took a long time for Williams to be exposed by the Stars & Stripes, but the need to find someone to the right of Obama, that did the same thing drove the Mother Jones, Corn drivel, along with a personal animosity. One of our liberals biggest failures was their attempt to put Rush out of business with their Air America, a talk radio, with a format that was like MSNBC, 24/7 of lies and liberal talking points and a large dose of hate for anyone not drinking their kool aid. They had no idea why no one listened or bought their air time, except their loony very limited base. Air America met it’s demise when the head liberal was stealing donations meant for kids to keep the lights on. The reason people don’t take to liberal talk shows is they get that liberal gibberish 24/7 on all the Obama networks and print media. How many lies can someone listen to?
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