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Well the good news here is that the loon with the hatchet was never stopped and annoyed by a concerned cop. Liberal logic rules in NYC.
I don’t understand why anyone would be stunned that the Obama AG Eric Holder is as corrupt as any bank robber, he has proven that over and over. The DOJ is supposed to be the backstop for our Constitution and it’s Rule of Law, but it was the 1st agency to be corrupted when our dear leader took office. Yesterday another activist judge, just let the IRS off the hook for abusing hundreds of citizens because after being caught in their abuse, they relented after years of harassment and gave a tea party group the status they had always been entitled to. (Oops, never mind now!!!) It’s like now once someone is caught in a crime, if they will apologize, then all is forgiven. This is the most corrupt administration ever. And it’s just getting worse as the progressives pack our courts with activist judges today.
I bet all of the Obama media will miss this event altogether. I doubt any of this information is much of a surprise to anyone that has been paying attention for the past 6 years. Not the details, just the overall information. Governments don’t hide document unless they are afraid of what they might expose. This is the most corrupt bunch of crooks ever to take over our Federal government. The POTUS pardon salesman our AG Eric Holder, and his whole family were up to their eyeballs in Fast & Furious. No wonder it had to be declared a state secret, I bet Barry's fingerprints are all over this scandal too. After all it was their 1st real scandal.
So does all this money being raised to lie to the voters, does this mean that someone other then the Koch Brothers are using their money to influence voters? I bet Harry Reid doesn’t know about this.
Funny how they never call it a pro-murder of the unborn rally. After all that is what they are celebrating, the death of the innocent unborn. Democrats best fund raiser.
I bet AG Eric Holder will be investigating this leak of some truth to the public, on the sad ending for the gentle giant, an unarmed 280 pound, 6'5" teenager, strong arm robber of Ferguson. And this truth came out from under some rock 2 weeks before the mid terms, now that is not supposed to happen with the DOJ in charge. We still have no idea who thought that giving a couple thousand guns to Mexico’s drug lords, was a great idea. AG Eric, still investigating now 6 years later. I wouldn’t expect any findings until dear leader is back on the beach in Hawaii.
The ONLY poll that counts will be taken Nov. 4th, however the counting of the ballots is another story. Those pesky computers seem to have a DNC mind of their own. We are entering the smear season for the DNC, they have lots of money, (more then even the Koch brothers), to smear with. Lots of close elections will have the GOP candidate accused of some horrific crime that no one ever heard of. Where time is to short to answer accusations they work well for the DNC. The DNC have their black block all riled up in MO already.
One reason, and perhaps the one that matters, is that most establishment GOPers or moderate GOPers, love the control of Obamacare as much as the Democrats, they were just afraid to vote for it. Now they wont have to. It’s the law. Have you noticed that everyone running for election or re-election in the Congress claims to be a conservative this year. They all claim to be ready to curb spending!! They lie.
Why is it the media is always trying to hide the truth? This headline, “double digit increase” could be anything from 10% to 99%. In my case, my United Healthcare has informed me that Medicare Advantage policy monthly premium goes up 30%, and adds a $185.00 deductible to my Plan D, and has increased the cost of some medications, in 2015. While double digit increase covers it, it really doesn’t show how much Obamacare is raising costs. The administration loves to say Obamacare is lowering health care costs, and that’s a lie. Just because dear leader is juggling those “subsidies” to keep people unaware of what is actually happening, does not mean that the cost is going down. It’s only going down to select people, mostly Democrat voters, but someone else will pay for that.
This is more proof that there is no need for voter photo ID because there’s no voter fraud. Just ask any elected Democrat. It's just to much trouble for the poor to have to show up at the polling place on voting day. So the DNC has managed 4-8 weeks of voting, anyone that wants can get a ballot mailed to them to be filled out and returned by their friendly ACORN helper, the incidence of voter fraud has skyrocketed. But with the Democrats in control, they just deny that having 120% of registered voters voting is normal, when all the votes go to the Democrat. This voter fraud will get a lot worse once the DNC get’s voting over the internet fully implemented. What could go wrong with internet voting???
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