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Instead of the tax payers coughing up millions or billions they don't have to care for the hoards that came (at their own expense) for their Obama promised freebies, how about just enforcing our immigration laws already on the books? Send them packing at their own expense. Could anyone in House agree to that?
There's a real easy solution to the so-called border crisis, enforce our laws. The hoards flowing in for the freebies paid their own way here, they can pay their own back home. JMO.
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Rand Paul vs Marco Rubio

RodT Wrote: 12 hours ago (10:31 AM)
Everything in Washington DC today is pure BS to stay on the tax payers gravy train. No one really cares what the tax payers want. Our media is now the voice of the party, all news is opinion. The liberals all voted to go to war in Iraq. Then after it started they blamed Bush. They not only voted to go to go to war, the promised a big hurt for Bush if didn't do what the wanted. After back then going to was the thing to do according to the polls. To this day the liberals claim not a single Democrat had voted for the war. But like every thing else they do they lie.
So why is it that every labor report has to be seasonallly adjusted? Just once I would like to see a report out of this administration that just provides the data, instead of adjusting it.
Well hide and watch how many voters vote for her, because she’s a female, 1st, a Democrat 2nd, and that’s about all most voters care about today. Is she was of color, that would have trumped female. then they would have 3 reasons to vote for her. Intelligence or experience has nothing to do with voters today, most have no idea what that is or how it happens.
Always amazed how our elected Congress carry on like our dear leader will care what laws they pass, or don’t pass. We’ve had an immigration law since ‘86, but no one cares today. So a new law will make it all better???? Barry just decides what he wants to do, then gives a speech to a room full of his handpicked sycophants, telling them (and of course his adoring media) that because the evil GOP will not do what he wants, he will have to go it alone. To do what has to be done to save the (_______) you have to fill in the blank, depending on the audience he’s lying to at the time. But usually it’s the poor or the middle class, that is the same thing today. This is SOP for any despot. Usually after declaring themselves dictator for life. Barry’s got about 30 more months to pull that one off.
This article, like most others that are trying to inform the public of the mistake of the Democrats, free health insurance for all scheme, but just addresses the increases in the cost of the insurance policy. While they do lay bare the lies told by the entire Democrat Congress and administration, the actual cost of health CARE, is a whole different story. Those very high deductibles and co-payments don’t show until a policy holder actually attempt to collect on their great new government approved insurance. Most of which are also subsidized by income tax payers. Congress calls it a “subsidy”, but who actually pays that subsidy? Not Barry or your Congress members. In fact our elected heros in Washington DC are working harder then they have ever worked on anything, to exempt themselves for this great law they passed without reading. They never intended to caught up in this mess.
We have a POTUS that ignores any law that doesn’t fit his Marxist agenda, a majority US Senate leader that refuses to allow any bills passed in the House to come to a floor vote. While Harry has changed over 200 years of Senate rules to make his control based entirely on a vote from his simple majority of bobble heads Democrats that always vote as he tells them to. Now Congress is going to compress 2 years of law making into 2 days, to get out of town for their summer vacation. Nothing can stand in the way for their all paid summer vacation. What good is a new law when our dear leader can ignore it? Would there be anything in a Harry Reid passed bill, that would guarantee Obama respect it?
The cause of the invasion from South of our border is fueled by our elected Congress and administration paying them with your money to come to the Obama Utopia. Free everything. Does anyone think all those children would have been shipped up here, if they did not have a guarantee that our tax payers would pay to take care of them? Our POTUS put out the word, if you can get in, you can stay, and join the 50 + million living off of his welfare programs. If you pay them to come, they will. A fence isn’t the solution, Congress stopping their welfare is. If they were not assured of a better life, they wouldn’t risk the trip. We do have immigration laws, but no one wants to enforce them. Yet they clamor for a new law to be ignored, as an answer to the welfare problem.
We always like to blame the corrupt politician for all our Washington DC woes, but maybe we should break out the mirror and get a look at the real cause. The voters, that always seem to believe the orations of our life-time corrupt elected politicians, instead of simply looking at their actual actions. Our current messiah was put into office by his media lies (and voter fraud). Twice. All these creeps that are driving us into bankruptcy were elected to their office, and most over and over. Some have been there for over 40 years.
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