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Colin Powell Pulls the Race Card, Again

RodT Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 11:40 AM
I notice now that the race card has been so over used by liberals, and make no mistake Colin is a liberal, the race card needs a modifier now to have any real weight. So now we have "code words". See no longer do the evil conservatives just discriminate because of color, they do it code, that ONLY a person of color can decode. Conservatives have no idea of these code words. This allows the libs to turn anything they want into race discrimination when facts are not available. It seems to work for most low informaiton voters, better known as Obama voters.
YesIHateYou Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 11:44 AM
You deny the existence of racial code words? lol
RVN70USMC Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 11:50 AM
Code words only exist in the small, racist minds of morons on the left like you, knob.

Last night on the O'Reilly Factor, former Secretary of State Colin Powell again accused the Republican party of racism, saying calling President Obama lazy is code language despite Obama referring to himself as lazy. Powell's comments come two weeks after he said the GOP had a "dark vein of intolerance" on NBC's Meet the Press.