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Biden on Self Defense, Round Two: "Fire the Shotgun at the Door"

RodT Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 9:56 AM
Yeah Joe, tell it like you think it really is! Our moronic VP is a shining example of the massive failure of this administration. Even with the cheering of the media for our headlong dive into bankruptcy and massive cover ups, like Fast & Furious or the 4 murders at Benghazi, were no one was held accountable, and the truth of the failures are covered (locked) up with POTUS privilege. They need to find a nice comfortable closet for Joe, and stuff him in there until it’s time for him to run for President in 2016. If they don’t even the low information voters will figure out the mistake they made.

Joe Biden has already let you know that a shotgun will fill all your self-defense needs. Now, he's back with another home protection tip: this time, on how to use your twelve gauge when someone is trying to rob you blind and/or harm your family! In an interview with Field & Stream magazine, Biden dropped this little nugget of wisdom on how to deter home invaders. (Disclaimer: don't try this at home.)

F&S: What about the other uses, for self-defense and target practice?

V.P. BIDEN: Well, the way in which we measure it is--I think most scholars...

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