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A Rough Sunday for Team Obama

RodT Wrote: May 21, 2012 11:08 AM
The progressives are going to have to be careful just who they allow on TV to enlighten the uninformed of Barry’s greatness. It would seem there are still a few Democrats, that just can bring themself to parrot the bold face lies from the White House. Now if Howie Dean, or Debbie Whatsername, were used on these shows, they could spout the messiah’s lies with some feeling. Blaming Bush, the Republican’s and the tea party for every ill the country faces and assuring the audience that Barry’s working harder then ever (that was Bubba’s ploy), on the golf course to save us from the evil rich.

The Sunday morning network chat shows typically distill and explore the major political themes of the week, with Republicans and Democrats grappling for narrative control.  This week's programs were no exception, and suffice it to say that the Obama campaign didn't have a very productive weekend.  Three of its surrogates strayed off message, handing the GOP a series of golden talking points:

(1) Former top economic adviser Austin Goolsbee admitted what we've known for some time: President Obama is the "undisputed Debt King."  Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace laid down the facts, and Goolsbee could do...