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A Romney for Senate?

RodT Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 9:44 AM
The peoples deep blue state of MA is not going to elect anyone that is not a liberal. We have a tendency to think anyone that flies under the “R” banner is not a liberal, and that is big mistake. Anyone elected from the E. Coast is going to be a flaming liberal, that’s all that live there. Once they fool enough voters to get elected, then we have to suffer their liberal voting habits. Elect Bwany Frank and get it over with.

After Scott Brown announced he would not be running for the open Massachusetts senate seat, many are trying to figure out who will take the plunge for the Republicans. The Boston Herald is reporting that many have been throwing the names of Ann and Tagg Romney for potential candidates.

Mrs. Romney is an interesting option as she showed her bright light under the lights at the Republican National Convention. Her survival of multiple sclerosis makes her a candidate that many could be inspired by. She became a popular figure during her husband’s run for president and she was especially...