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Video: CNN Mocks Obama Camp's "Second Term Agenda" Brochure

Rodney47 Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 9:21 AM
What can be said of a man who became president based on a campaign of lies, conducted his presidency based on lies, then retires to a 3.5 million dollar mansion in Hawaii bought with the proceeds from 2 books filled with lies. Anyone see a pattern here?

For months, Democratic strategists have implored the Obama campaign to roll out a robust second-term agenda.  Team Obama has declined, opting instead to pursue a puzzling "stay the course" message.  Following the second debate, Republicans began turning up the heat on the same issue. Enter Marco Rubio:

Now that Obama has squandered his best opportunities to introduce a significant positive vision to a vast audience (the obvious settings would have been his nominating convention or any of the three debates),...