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That's not a tail, it's an umbilical cord.
I pray that I go to heaven. I kinda think God is looking down at nanny bloomberg and grinning. Satan has already called in his refreshment imp and instructed him that bloomberg is to get no more than 2 ounces of liquid per quarter and his wounds are to be rubbed down with extra salt 50 times daily.
You've never met my ex-wife. But as a whole, I have to agree.
Paid troll from the RRCSC. Pay it no mind but enjoy the idiocy.
Perry requested aid stump. Your wannabe denied it. We dealt with it without you socialist childrens help. Next talking point.................
What's this got to do with your burning desire to sniff davis's finger?
In a sane world, every New Yorker would show up at the Gestapo Headqurters to register their hammers, scewdrivers, forks, knives, baseball bats, crowbars, paperclips, everything made of glass, empty whiskey bottles (molotov), blunt objects, electical cords, 2 X 4 pieces and bricks laying around in the yard, dogs, some cats, vehicles, mothers in law (ok, a stretch, but when the come for the confiscation.....:) and anything else you can think of to 'assault' someone.
It's election year. Vote for me!! Vote for me!! We'll 'slow down' the assault on your freedom and liberty" Vote for me!!
What's Reince and the RNC all up in arms about? It's conservative groups that were targeted.
Because Joycey, since the Reagan days, the left has been populating the beaurocracies (the 4th branch of government) with their fellow travelers. It is time to clean house.
That would be pre-fabian socialist days. Now we must look at only their good intentions.
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