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Your reading comprehension is lacking pal. Especially if you think I am a democRAT.
Don't worry America, the RNC will have that tug-o-war anchor from New Jersey straightening out this mess in 2017. Or maybe jeb bush, yeah, that's what we need. Or maybe they'll give romney another shot.
What does it matter. Screed and the democommie controlled senate haven't passed a budget in 6 years. Continuing resolutions allow them to print and spend at will.
Sorry IRS, I can't pay my taxes. TurboTax froze up on my computer. That needs to be the one line letter sent in to these crooks next tax season by all tax paying Americans.
Why does our half-black racist fearless leader always pick these 'punch me face' white boys to tell his lies to the sycophants in the media? Just wondering.
What better way for the enemy within to further the destruction of our military then to send our best into a suicide mission.
The FBI is under eric the red. Fat chance of any investigation happening.
What the hell does all this matter? The marxist usurper could pull a weapon (not that he could figure out how to fire it), put a bullet in someone's head live on television, and not a damned thing would be done. The pusification of this nation is so deep that noone will question what is going on for fear of being branded a racist. God help us is mrs cankles is the next 'fearless leader'.
He is the enemy within smitty.
All bow and await the decision. Do not bother to vote on issues, just wait to be told by the 9 robed figures how you shall live your life. Land of the free my a s s.
It's not over sycophant. I only pray it's you and all the people you know who get blown to hell next time.
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