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I used to get the Times, then my parrot died.
Identify the "public Servants" responsible, give them a single shot rifle, one round of ammo and drop their useless a s ses in the middle of Syria with a star of David tatooed on their forehead.
The last time I checked, there are roughly 4 million federal gubment employees (not counting the military) out of a nation of roughly 310 million. Personally, I'm glad i'm not one of those 4 million. I think there's a big shake up heading their way. Most will find themselves having to go do something productive for a change.
I think he has resoted to dabbing at his tears instead of wiping them. And the rinos cheer!! Johnny's on the spot!!
Why shouldn't they insult the intelligence of the American people? 47% of them don't know what the IRS is to begin with. Although i'm sure they're savy enough to look it up on their obamaphone. There's probably an app for that.
He looks kinda like Yoda's grandpa.
If the rino statists knew the power they weild, they would de-fund the IRS. The senate has no say in it. How would they? Vote down the budget they refuse to pass anyways? Shut down the government? Fine, it shuts down the IRS. Problem solved.
First off, I am no Ron Paul fan. Second, I have no party affiliation. Electing republicans will only change the death of this nation from a shotgun blast to the face into being buried neck deep 15 feet from a red ant hill. Drop the party politics. Support individual candidates.
Who was that senator who wanted to bring back the firing squad?
Really WJF? Republicans in control of the leviathon will fix everything? I think not. Washington D.C. will NEVER fix itself. The states are going to have to fix them. It will not be easy, but it is the only way, short of a revolution.
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