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That percentage is roughly the same as those who pay no income tax. 10% flat tax. It's the only way to go. If the Churches can do Gods work with 10%, I see no reason the federal government needs any more than that. And with everyone paying 10%, everyone would have "skin in the game" as our little boy wannabe dictator has stated.
Did somebody tell you they give a damn what you think?
Afraid someone might have thought you meant "black" people? Afraid of being called a racist? I'm not. 96% of em' voted for the marxist solely because of the color of his skin. I WILL NOT be called a racist by a black man.
No, they should be shot in the head.
85% of Americans never even heard that story. But 75% made it to blockbuster in time to get the movie they wanted. 60% can name every contestant on American Idolatry. 45% are scrambling to come up with their monthly me-phone bill. And 50% believe their vote doesn't matter. Any wonder whay the country is going to hell?
Take what? There is only ONE poll that matters. Come back and sulk in November. Don't forget to vote on the 7th.
Tell you what, how about we actually nominate a true conservative and see who's brain dead, O.K? If Reagan were alive and running today, he would win in the biggest landslide ever.
And don't forget his refusal to sign on to the marxistcare lawsuit.
His refusal to sign on to the lawsuit against marxistcare is enough for me to brand him RINO. He's doing a good job of snowing people.
What this country needs is an atorney general.
The only thing that's going to stop these punks from trespassing and harassing people at their own homes is for a few of them to get shot. A mans home is his castle, his retreat from all the worlds foibles. Anyone who thinks they can threaten that with impunity deserves nothing short of a 230 gr. hollow point to the chest. Preferably twice.
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