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All Santorum would have done is suggest a certain lifestyle. This fascist POS is turning every public service announcement into public policy.
I would say it's time to throw people like nanny bloooooomberg and his ilk out. Just make sure you throw them East, God knows we don't want them out here.
And that's pretty much when the shooting war starts.
Your problem is that most here would follow any one of those names into a battle, whereas in your case, I would make sure you were in front of me. Got any more lists?
This murderous imp tried to use this operation as a way for the marxist and his cronies to attack the 2nd ammendment. He refuses to enforce federal laws concerning illegal immigration, then turns around and sues states for trying to do his job for him. He is currently suing the State of Florida to stop them from purging voter roles of people who should not be there. As I understand it, he placed his claw on a Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. What the hell is his title? Anyone who defends this POS should serve in the same cell. That's is my opinion and I don't give a damn what anyone thinks of it.
Might be his last free summer.
Charity Galenical? The gimmies and I wants would rather have the government guns you mention take from those who produce. To their way of thinking(?) asking for help from a religious group or privately run charity is beneath them. I agree with you 100%
No, just someone who is sick of people incapable of thought posting assinine statements about subjectsof which they are obviously ignorant.
What's wrong with being a racist? It's just another label your ilk uses in an attempt to quiet opposition to your facism. 96% of "them" voted for your marxist hero solely because of the color of his skin. So don't try to throw the race thing around. Besides, who gives a damn what you think.
That percentage is roughly the same as those who pay no income tax. 10% flat tax. It's the only way to go. If the Churches can do Gods work with 10%, I see no reason the federal government needs any more than that. And with everyone paying 10%, everyone would have "skin in the game" as our little boy wannabe dictator has stated.
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