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I wonder why Newt would think that, after this last election!
What does she mean......Romney IS the establishment!!!
Newt has always shown he has the most to offer in heling this country. It became evident from the beginning of the political race that Fox greatly favored Romney, East Coast Elite! To those of us who see the qualities of Newt, it was discouraging! What person doesn't have something in his past, that he wishes he would have differently...Newt has been very open about that. No ONE can say to me that Mitt Romney is brighter and will do better than Newt as President of this country!!!
such language, an Mitt is NOT our nominee YET!
Running a company is far from running a country! The ONLY thing Mitt talks about is ecomoney, which I grant you is terrible, but there are a whole lot of other things that need to be fixed, and I think we will find, he would not do near as good as Newt in that area, or any other!!!!
Sounds like you are the "dolt." No doubt you have never really checked Newt's proposals for this country, which are more than Romney has ever put forth! It irritates me that people like you can put him down when he absolutely would be the best person for our President!!!
Give the guy (and certainly the smartest contender for President) a break. Romney destroyed him with lies, and he is still trying!
A Gingrich - West ticket would be perfect!
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