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Election Political Humor

RockStrongo Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 2:03 PM
Yea, though we social engineer and nation build in foreign countries, our precious George W. Bush tax cut pays for it all. I will fear no government run health care: For I already have Medicare; My bombast and rhetoric, they comfort me. We endlessly talk of small government and free market to the guileless; And all the while along, all we really want is to have redistribution of wealth, directed in our direction. Surely our teat suck on the government sow will come about at some time, and we will distract the masses attention with talk of mushroom clouds and the deceit of the Demoncrat party.

I wish the rest of the world was as wonky as me and dying to read the latest data on the Laffer Curve, or something like that.

Alas, it seems like everybody is focused on which statist will be confiscating our earnings and trying to dictate our lives for the next four years.

So I’ll go with the flow and share some election-oriented humor, beginning with jokes from the late-night talk shows.

Normally I wait several weeks and accumulate a larger list, but many of these jokes will be past their expiration dates if I wait until after the election....

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