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In 2016, GOP Needs a Candidate Voters Believe In

Rock Strongo Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 11:52 AM
As arpiem noted at 10:46, a lot of "conservatives" stayed home because Romney wasn't as conservative as they would have preferred. Among the rationales I've heard expressed by such people is that they were going to "teach the republican party a lesson"--apparently that lesson being that the republicans had better become more conservative in the future. How's that lesson working out? If anything, the republicans learned the exact opposite lesson, as evidenced by the fact that they are all talking about how they need to moderate their stance on immigration and social issues. Romney wasn't the ideal candidate--he wasn't even in my top five. But I'm sane enough to realize that we accomplish nothing by losing elections, especially to Marxists.

In the wake of Mitt Romney's loss, many Republicans say the GOP must make far-reaching changes to be competitive in future elections. White voters are a smaller and smaller part of the electorate, they point out, while Latinos and other minorities are growing as a percentage of the voting public. Unless the Republican Party reinvents itself to appeal to those voters, the argument goes, the GOP can get used to being out of power.

There's something to that. The electorate is changing, and the Republican Party needs to keep up with the times. But the more fundamental answer to the...