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Heh: Cutter Reverses Self, Repeats Previously-Abandoned '$5 Trillion' Lie

Rock Strongo Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 8:11 AM
When most of your constituents couldn't find Canada on a map, you can pretty much say whatever you want. Why don't they just start insisting it's a 5 zillion dollar tax cut? Gimme my Obmamphone!

Effortless lying just comes easier to some of us, it seems.  Here's now-infamous Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter on CNN, earlier this week:


MORGAN: "You have already indicated again that you don't really believe it will be a $5 trillion tax cut." 

CUTTER: “No. What I have indicated was he has a $5 trillion tax cut.”  

Sigh.  Let's go to