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"[Dzhokhar] wasn't 'them.' He was 'us.' He was Cambridge." Unfortunately, she was probably more right than she knows.
Sounds like Dzhokhar is in line for a tenured professorship at one of America's elite universities. Either that, or his own talk show on MSNBC.
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Academic Cesspools

Rock Strongo Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 9:10 AM
College professors are among the worst of the drones. They live in a cloistered echo chamber where they never have to hear an opposing argument, and where they are safely insulated from all of the social pathologies that they have helped to inflict on the rest of the nation. They talk a good game about "diversity," but they rarely choose to live in such splendidly diverse areas as inner-city Detroit or Chicago's south side, preferring upscale enclaves like Hyde Park and Bloomfield Hills. And because they are liberal, they confuse formal education with native intelligence. A wall full of degrees don't make you a genius--Obama is proof of that.
Don't worry--with liberals running the show, we won't be king of the hill for much longer.
Right. We "exploit" them by paying them billions of dollars for their oil.
It's almost as though they're waging a war on women.
Liberals--classy to the last.
You'd think, but they're even more brain dear than she is (if that's at all possible), so they just keep electing her.
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Letters to a Young Progressive

Rock Strongo Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 8:14 AM
"Lose" has one o. Idiot.
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