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Obama's Tax Evaders of the Year

Rocko191 Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 10:09 PM
Obama will work on amnesty for 18 million illegals when he comes back from his ten million dollar tax funded vaction....That means all will get free Obama-care, Medicaide, Medicare, welfare, Food Stamps, student loans and on and on......As we speak, 80% of all imnates in Federal, State prisons, City, County jails, juvenile, adult camps, INS Dentention Centers, etc are Hispanics.........On the other hand, Asians account for a whopping 2% ~ Asians are the best in school and help other students, Hispanics are the worst in school and kill other students.....When Obama gives these illegals amnesty that meant, INS, IRS, Homeland Security, DMV, private health ins companies, etc will all have to hire four million Spanish speaking employees to pro
Pat1392 Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 8:44 PM
How many times (other than his Grandmother's death) did this guy visit Hawaii before the election 2008.

President Obama will kick off the new year the same way that he kicked off the old year: by demanding that the wealthy pay their "fair share" in taxes. But while millions of small-business owners, struggling entrepreneurs, inventors and investors brace for a double whammy of fiscal cliff tax hikes and new Obamacare taxes, the class-warrior in chief's richest pals are getting a pass.

It's a Golden Pass for liberal millionaires and billionaires who support higher Obama taxes for everyone but themselves. Meet the Democratic tax evaders of the year.

-- Google. The left-wing Internet giant provided Silicon Valley's biggest campaign...