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Interesting that lbrown292 argues that God is a myth yet he/she CANNOT prove that. To state with certainty that God does not exist or that He is a myth is based merely on "faith" and nothing more. The entire atheist worldview is illogical.
Well, it's a weak argument to make but if you feel it diminishes the credibility of the Christian belief then it is certainly your prerogative to use it as such.The fact is, even if the Bible specifically pointed to December 25th as Christ's birth, atheists would still be atheists since they either argue He was never really born or that, if He was, He was not God in the flesh. Right?
Is that what you think the billboard is saying?...that Deceber 25th is bogus as respects the birth of Christ. If so, you do not understand the intent behind the billboard. I have never once had an atheist tell me that December 25th is not really Christ's birthday thus He is a fabrication of the mind....and I have debated with dozens of atheists. I understand what you are trying to get at but it brings virtually zero validity to the atheist argument that God does not exist.
Yes...correct...hence the "intellectual superiority" many of them feel they have. Any agenda they have to terminate God from society is based simply on a "faith" that He does not exist. Few will admit that but it's 100% correct.
No credible theologian claims that December 25th is the actual date that Jesus was born. In fact, based on the Bible, it doesn't take a genius to determine that. December 25th is simply a date that the Christian community uses to celebrate his birth....whether it was really August 4th of February 10th is irrelevant.
There is no irrefutable logical path to the conclusion that "there is no God" .....nor can the atheist intellectually invalidate Christ. They are actually make fools of themselves and displaying substantial ignorance in declaring their "faith" that God does not exist. There is absolutely no proof that what they claim is true.....and any atheist with the IQ of a gnat who understands logic must admit that.
Oh my. That was a very foolish thing for Bolduc to do. If he thinks it's noisy at his house now, wait until word spreads about this to the truckers who travel down Riverside Drive.
"Instead, they are citing a 1985 Supreme Court case, Heckler v. Chaney, which they say gives them the necessary enforcement discretion." What Obama did goes beyond an enforcement issue. He unilaterally placed into effect requirements that the insurance companies must follow if they enroll someone in an non-compliant (iillegal) plan. Insurance companies are now required to detail to enrollees how their plan differs from an ACA compliant plan and to state how an enrollee can go about finding a compliant plan. So, while he can claim that he simply changed the enforcement rules for one year, he also materially changed the law with those two requirements. What he did is clearly illegal. He has no authority to unilaterally make material changes to an established law under the circumstances that he is doing them under.
Wait a minute. You mean, Mr President, that you did not consult with the health insurance industry to see how they would respond to your law? You just "hoped" that they would drop rates across-the-board...or some such thing? Really? Say it ain't so. A very basic component of project planning is anticipating and preparing for outcomes on every foreseeable level and you forgot to do that here, eh? That is stunning. And now you are going to blame the health insurance industry for doing what they are doing when you should have been fully aware of their plans long before you jammed this law down our throats. With all due respect, sir, you cannot even get a website to work. You really shouldn't be telling an entire industry you know nothing about how it should be run.
Dear Mr President- You challenged John Boehner to let the House vote on a clean CR. Well, we've got a challenge for YOU. Here it is: How about you ask the American people whether they feel Congress and you and your administration should be exempted from the ACA and whether the American people feel a one year delay on the individual mandate is reasonable. Do it and when you learn the FACTS, maybe, just maybe you will serve the American people in the manner in which you should. It's the right thing to do and, afterall, thanks to Justice Roberts, your ACA became the largest tax increase in American history and it significantly affects the people you promised not to EVER raise taxes on --> the middle, it's the least you can do. We know you like to shelter yourself from us citizen types and ignore what we try to tell you but just this once, listen to what we're saying and be a President. the bi-partisan President you PROMISED to be.
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