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Forgive and Forget Benghazi, Dude

Rockky Wrote: May 06, 2014 1:51 PM
"Personally, I am not keen on more hearings. By Politico's count, more than 13 congressional hearings have been held on Benghazi." And if it takes 13 more to gather ALL of the TRUE facts, then that is what must be done. This comment has some subtle Hillary-like indifference attached to it. We simply cannot allow this president and his administration to conceal the truth...... and based on many known facts, there is a high probability that that is what occurred. If, in fact, a cover up took place for the sole purpose of protecting the president and influencing the 2012 election, then history needs to accurately record this as ANOTHER act of Obama's dishonesty. The American people, and especially the friends and family of those killed, DESERVE to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Really, lbrown292?? Then please objectively explain the source of your morality.
Are you able to demonstrate how this alleged 2000 year old hearsay is "irrational" and "counterproductive?" You atheists are okay with school books containing some of the most dishonest and misleading teachings about evolution but yet you will condemn an entire belief system based on some ludicrous claim that it is damaging to society.
He/she won't answer because he/she has no good reason to be frightened about the Christian faith and it's impact on the world. These atheists keep charging the Christian community with "shoving our beliefs down their throats" (which is debateable) yet they endorse efforts to do the exact same thing.
The really pathetic aspect of the non-theist argument about what is "right" and what is "wrong" is that it is based on an opinion. In their worldview, an atheist can argue that rape is okay or that murder is okay because they have no objective morality. Their stance on any issue is based merely on their personal opinion. Is that a dangerous worldview? It certainly is to me.
You still have not commented on why that "frightens" you....which is what you indicated was behind your concerns in the original thread you copied this from. Why does the Christian beliefs about thoee issues frighten you?
YourEvilOverlord Wrote: 9 minutes ago (12:05 PM) "Laws based on morality instead of common sense. " ________________________________________________ Such as??
What exactly is it that frightens you and why?
If you were truly capable of realizing what you just said, you'd understand how you proved my argument to be true. Do a little homework on logical fallacies so you don't make such outrageous comments again. Your showing the desperation behind your assertions and embarrassing yourself.
Interesting that lbrown292 argues that God is a myth yet he/she CANNOT prove that. To state with certainty that God does not exist or that He is a myth is based merely on "faith" and nothing more. The entire atheist worldview is illogical.
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