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If I had a gun, and I saw a thug dressed like those in his videos, on a dark street, I'd definitely be mentally alert, and ready to shoot the guy. Dress like a bad guy, walk like a bad guy, and talk like a bad guy--then hey, I'm gonna think you're a bad guy. And if I have a gun--you'd better be careful around me.
We don't need Spock. We need Kirk.
A MURDER INVESTIGATION?! Is he insane!? And why does this involve the FBI? These are bad guys overseas committing acts of war. This isn't a crime scene. Don't bring them to trial! Kill them!
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Stupid Is As Krugman Does

RockinRickOwen Wrote: Aug 18, 2014 5:19 PM
Regarding the Oscar Wilde quote: personally, I believe one of the best ways to actually win an argument against a sore loser is to get their cop-out catch phrase before they do. For instance, when one debates a Mormon on the veracity of their claims, and they start losing, as a last ditch effort they will say "I know what I say is true, because there is a burning in my bosom." Well, it's hard to argue with THAT, right? Don't want to judge someone moved by the Holy Spirit, right? Well, it helps to discern at what point they're going to play that card, and play it yourself, which makes them using it just look stupid and copy-cattish. With our Proglodyte foes, we should probably do the same. When they start losing, WE should play the race card. We should say "but it's for the children, and anyone who is against this is just a meanie!" In other words, get to their cheap-shots before they do. Then they have nothing to throw at us.
This still gets back to the Great Society, and even further back to what the liberals have done to our education system (starting in the 1920s). We have a large section of our population living off the dole, who are spoiled, ignorant, savages. Some are black, and some are white. This is how they behave. Instead of seeking justice, the blacks of Ferguson form a lynch mob based on assumptions. They accuse the police (and white people in general) of racism. I don't doubt there's a grain of truth to that. But their behavior justifies the racism of those who consider them to be subhuman. Which in turn is a by-product of the Great Society program, itself a racist institution--designed to subsidize mediocrity while winning votes.
Here's my question-- did Perry ask her to resign as District Attorney, an elected position, or just as the head of the ethics watchdog unit, an appointed position?
This is about one issue, and one issue only: the border. Austin full of drunk drivers and a sanctuary for illegal immigrants? Huge drug and human trafficking across the Texas border? Here's my theory: the Austin authorities are corrupt, and getting paid very well by the cartels. Governor Perry calls in the National Guard, and vetoes one this woman's precious points of power. She and her cohorts respond with this indictment. So yes, it's pretty much Chicago right now.
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America’s Libertarian Moment?

RockinRickOwen Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 10:46 AM
Libertarianism is unattractive on at least three counts that come immediately to mind: 1) The Authorities hate liberty. It is the nature of an institution to eventually stop feeding the sheep and start feeding itself, usually on the sheep. It seeks to gain control over the beneficiaries, ostensibly for their benefit. It starts protecting and perpetuating itself, always at the cost of the values it was supposed to reflect and the purpose it was supposed to fulfill. 2) It is unpopular among the poor. This may be hard to conceive--but for many people, self-autonomy and self-responsibility can be threatening. They like the security of somebody providing all the answers, directions and stuff. 3) It is unpopular among the rich. They usually have their stuff protected from the government, which means they do not perceive any immediate negative consequence to an increase in government bureaucracy and welfare for the poor. It makes them feel good that the poor are being taken care--without their direct involvement. Remove welfare, and the wealthy will ask "Well, who's going to take care of the poor?" Our answer: "Those can take care of themselves will have take responsibility for their own lives." "But what about those who can't?" "That's where we come in." "What do you mean 'we?'"
If it had been a white kid that was shot, the white people wouldn't be rioting. The fact that the police have such riot gear and equipment isn't the cause of the rioting. Would we have the police be defenseless? Would we have them unable to contain the rioting?
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Robin Williams: Comedy and Tragedy

RockinRickOwen Wrote: Aug 14, 2014 10:43 AM
As a mark of a true comedic genius, highlighting his popularity, ISIS members took time out from their daily slaughtering to twitter how saddened they were upon news of Robin's death. I think he would've appreciated the ironic humor of that.
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