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Yes, we can only imagine the reaction from the mainstream media and certain "activists" if Mitt Romney's LDS pastor said things about Africa that "Reverend" Wright has said about America. OMgoodness! And of course, those always defending "free speech" and the 1st amendment would be noticeably silent if the LDS fellow had said something to that effect!
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Blacks and Same Sex Marriage

rocketsquirrel Wrote: May 21, 2012 6:53 AM
Strictly a guess here - when election day rolls around (sad to say), many African-Americans that vote then will reduce who they vote for down to skin color. And they will vote for President Obama simply based on race. On the positive side, the vast majority of white voting Americans are past the race issue. True! We have moved forward!
Isn't the institution of "marriage" supposed to be outdated and old fashion - according to pop culture and current trendy thinking? Well, why are gays/lesbians making such a big issue about being part of something viewed as so "traditional" and (oh, no!) "conservative"?
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Evangelicals Will Rally for Romney

rocketsquirrel Wrote: May 10, 2012 7:26 PM
How many times will I have to say - Barack and Michelle Obama's pre-election pastor of 20 years basically yelled "gd" in the pulpit over and over. To all Evagelicals still wanting to focus on the Mormon issue with Romney - You wanna vote for a man that attended a church for 20 years where the congregation clapped and danced around at hearing their pastor yelling "gd"? Romney's Mormon pastor never did that, and if he ever had of, the congretation would have run him out of the LDS church where he did it!!! Romney is THE choice for President on the issue - of church!
Worth repeating --- One has to wonder if Mitt Romney's Mormon pastor ever yelled "gd America! gd America!" during a "sermon" like Wright did? But the worst part of the infamous "gd" sermon was what Wright was saying loudly in his "sermon", THE worst part was the reaction of the congregation to hearing these words from the pulpit by their pastor - in what is supposed to be a Christian church! Just watch again, and focus on those present that day. So, let America compare --- Obama's former one and Romney's current one. - Yes, let's see if the mainstream media take us up on this comparison!
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Who Is 'Racist'?

rocketsquirrel Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 5:52 PM
Once again - Thomas Sowell has written something that should be required reading for ALL Americans. In this day and age of where "political correctness" has such a heavy influence on society, he is part of a group of truly brave and courageous Americans - Black Conservatives. A multitude of thanks, Thomas! Keep up the good work, and do not get discouraged. It will be a step in the right direction for the country when those who now look to the likes of Sharpton and Jackson will forget those two, and turn to voices like yours. (Oh yeah, an excellent point about how mainstream media outlets, in a warped and distorted way, boldly refer to Zimmerman as a "white Hispanic" --- political correctness on display)
Excellent points Hill makes! The "rich" - (one "rich" group is a mystery on why they continue to back Obama) --- particularly why are ultra-rich black Americans still so supportive of President Obama? - like multi-rich black pro athletes, those in the entertainment industry "Hollywood", those in the rap/hip hop industry. Raising taxes on these African-Americans - many part of the dreaded "wealthiest 1%" group - isn't that what the current administration wants to do? The GOP wants them to keep more of their $! Can't quite figure this one out?
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They Shoot Rich Guys, Don't They?

rocketsquirrel Wrote: Apr 17, 2012 6:02 PM
If everyone will notice - when the liberal mainstream media do a negative piece or segment on the "wealthiest 1%"/the rich and cast this group in the light of being greedy and self centered and what's wrong with the country, the image that is shown is clean cut white men. The MSM never focus on anyone like Oprah, Russell Simmons, Kobe or 50-cent or etc. when doing something VERY negative and uncomplimentary on "the rich", it's always Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Mitt Romney types.
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The Truth About Mormonism

rocketsquirrel Wrote: Apr 15, 2012 7:57 AM
For all that are so overwhelmed with the Mormon issue - you will never see a Mormon pastor yelling "gd" over and over in the pulpit during a "sermon". - like one President's former pastor did that we are all aware of.
How bad things have gotten --- In this day and age with "political correctness" having such a powerful hold on the mainstream media and society, it's to the point if there is a black-on-white murder (with obvious racial motivation and intention), that anyone that specifically points that out is accused of being a "racist", and they are ask to apologize! And with a murder such as this, the word "hate" will NEVER EVER be used in news reports. "political correctness" - has been and is ruining America!
In light of the fact the mainstream not getting too upset about this current "bounty" story, we can only imagine if the Tea Party put out a "bounty" on some person for some reason! It would be the lead story (first ten minutes) on news programs with a heavy dose of the words "conservative" and "hate" sprinkled in, and there would be demands the DOJ immediately get involved. We are certainly not seeing this tone and angle from the MSM with the current "bounty" story out of Florida.
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