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There was focus by some of the mainstream media recently on how many blacks were seen at the GOP convention. Fine! Doesn't everyone wish there would be equal focus (by the mainstream media) on how many whites are in the Political Black Caucus, or the NAACP or any number of black only organiaztions in America? (throw in black only cable channels, magazines, awards shows, etc) It's just amazing - that all gets a free pass! No, there's not a liberal media bias in America. HA!
Yes, it would nice if the occupiers would show the same ager and rage toward those that burn the American flag, and shake their fists into American cameras. Speaking of that - there are those that are burning things all over the planet and rioting and stomping on the American flag - because they hate America. But who is the mainstream media anger and outrage directed at today? Mitt Romney.
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Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem

rocketsquirrel Wrote: Sep 08, 2012 8:06 AM
Israel may just beocme the swing state that decides the Presidential election.
It is sad to say, but many blacks (certainly not all) in America first consider skin color when issues come up. They are the ones that contunue to focus on race and be consumed by the skin color of people. - simply depressing to be that way and thinking about skin color all the time, I'd have to guess. Generally, whites in America are over the race thing, it's many blacks that continue to lag behind. - Jackson and Sharpton leading the way. Like I said - depressing. Blacks have their own organizations, cable networks, awards programs, celebrations, and on and on. It's not white Americans doing this kind of thing!
Speaking of "man-hating" these days - the image of the "men" in media that are supposed to be the ones that are looked down on/viewed with contempt/a theat to women/ and the list goes on --- are clean cut white ones (and this includes no earrings or tattoos). This "image" in media - a woman often times will slap or throw a drink in his face or worse. And the woman puts this "image" is his place, his head hanging in shame, and the viewing audience cheering. And the clean cut white guy "image" (never having earrings or tattoos) takes an absolute pounding in commercials! - have been noticing this kind of stuff for a few years now.
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Hollywood Still Hates Bush-Cheney

rocketsquirrel Wrote: Jun 15, 2012 7:26 AM
Oh, c' mon now Brent, is that the best title for your article? Instead of using "Bush-Cheney", you should have simply put "Conservative Republicans." At least, that's something everyone could agree on!
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Christians Should Vote For Romney

rocketsquirrel Wrote: Jun 14, 2012 2:06 PM
If anyone reads what I'm writing here and says - hasn't rocketsquirrel already written this before? The answer is yes --- a few times. And I'll keep saying it until the Presidential election. The issue of the candidates and their religion has come up once again - and it'll come up many more times before the voting. Pre-election 2008, Barack AND Michelle Obama's pastor is seen in a "sermon" @ the Obama's church in Chicago basically yelling "gd" in the pulpit. Don't forget the congregation! They had absolutely NO PROBLEM with their pastor "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright saying it! Compare any Mormon LDS Church Mitt Romney has attended in his life and let's all wonder if anything like that has ever happened in his church.
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Race Matters...To Racists

rocketsquirrel Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 7:27 AM
If there is one overall racial group consistently focusing on race/skin color - it's blacks. Look at all of the organizations, awards shows, cable channels, magazines that are named and organized simply in the name of skin color! And these all have the word "Black"or something similar in their titles. Whites, proud to say, in America have moved past this. But somehow, in a distorted and warped way, whites still get labeled as "racists" by the mainstream media and liberals.
A KEY point about the "gd" America "sermon" is the congregation's reaction to "Reverend" Wright saying that in the pulpit! THAT is something many are missing here - the reaction of the congregation where the Obamas attended for 2 decades!
Yes, we can only imagine the reaction from the mainstream media and certain "activists" if Mitt Romney's LDS pastor said things about Africa that "Reverend" Wright has said about America. OMgoodness! And of course, those always defending "free speech" and the 1st amendment would be noticeably silent if the LDS fellow had said something to that effect!
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