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Black Panthers, Neo Nazis and Easter

rocketsquirrel Wrote: Apr 08, 2012 8:53 AM
In light of the fact the mainstream not getting too upset about this current "bounty" story, we can only imagine if the Tea Party put out a "bounty" on some person for some reason! It would be the lead story (first ten minutes) on news programs with a heavy dose of the words "conservative" and "hate" sprinkled in, and there would be demands the DOJ immediately get involved. We are certainly not seeing this tone and angle from the MSM with the current "bounty" story out of Florida.

Literally as I write this piece today police are on a manhunt in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a white man who is accused of killing five black men. And apparently Neo Nazis are now patrolling in a city in Florida.

This could be chalked up, I suppose, as reaction from some Americans in the face of the New Black Panther Party’s bounty on George Zimmerman and the rhetoric that has followed. The sad fact is that when bounties are declared, addresses are tweeted, Neo Nazis go on patrol and men go on shooting rampages, the only ones who triumph are the...

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