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A Democrat embracing MISTAKEN CERTAINTY!!!!
The discussion continues over Lerner's (and six others - how convenient!!!) PC crash when, in fact, the PC crash is irrelevent if all this data (emails) was being properly BACKED-UP!!! There has been no discussion about backup facilities that were in place. In fact certain email protocals actually leave the email on the email server after it is downloaded to the user PC. Being a government installation, I'm guessing that the emails were "saved" in more than one place.
And they continue to embrace "Mistaken Certainty"!!!
And like all Democrats, he fully embraces "Mistaken Certainty"!!!
It also seems that the opposition will always fight for the right to be WRONG!!! As they continue to embrace their "Mistaken Certainty" about marriage!! Shame on Notre Dame!!
So I guess now the "voters" of Wisconsin can cash a check without showing an ID. Surely we wouldn't want to disenfranchise them from getting money!!!
Think of it more as "Mistaken Certainty". They really believe!!
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Racist Elephants

rocketmanron Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 12:46 PM
Woa, get ready for al sharpton!!!
You hit the nail. Mr Joe and all his Democrat croneys are firmly embracing "Mistaken Certainty"!!!!
And then bury him with an adequate supply of PIG GUTS!!! That ought to rile the islamics.
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