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Fascism at its Finest

RocketDan Wrote: Aug 10, 2013 8:03 AM
I think it would be more accurate to say Fascism is the alliance between the second and third, between big Government and big corporations. This was accomplished through massive layers of regulations which the large corporations freely bought into since they were allowed to participate in the writing of the regulations and they could effectively bloc new small competitors from gaining market share. In effect they were sanctioned cartels. FDR also used this approach. Today we can certainly see the move by the Government to regulate the financial industry into lockstep compliance with Government policies on mortgages, and next we are seeing the move to bring the energy industry into line using the threat of CO2 pollution to justify the regulations. The health insurance industry of course has been effectively neutered and private companies will be allowed to exist only so far as they comply with strict regulation that keeps them from competing (one size fits all policies.) This is classic Fascism.
So Steve thinks this would be great if "the government taxed fuels according to their environmental side effects." But according to who? We would have to accept the IPCC's incredibly political assessment which assumes CO2 is a pollutant and will have drastic side effects. Environmentalist can place any dollar value on the impacts they like. They could make all the baseless stupid claims Steve Chapman makes here. But there is a problem. Actual satellite data and balloon data do not support any of the climate models for the last 17 years. The sea levels are not rising. There is no warming in the southern hemisphere, so there is no "global" warming. We need policies based on actual data, not on flawed computer models. Has Mr. Chapman looked at the EU's attempt at cap and trade? The market collapsed because nobody believes in it anymore. The carbon credits are useless. Why would we follow in the footsteps of already failed policies? This is the most idiotic article I have ever seen on Townhall.
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Jobs Stall Out in 2012-Q4

RocketDan Wrote: Jan 13, 2013 3:20 PM
I guess TH doesn't have any moderators for their discussion forums. As a result, 90% of the comments here are completely off topic and offensive. I can't see continuing to even try to read here let alone contribute Goodbye, TH.
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The Irrelevance of "Right-to-Work" Laws

RocketDan Wrote: Dec 16, 2012 11:50 AM
This is so sad, but so true. As a manager used to leading engineering teams, I took an assignment leading a UAW mfg group. After several techs really got behind our restructuring efforts and helped improve efficiency significantly I tried to reward them with a higher classification position. As soon as I opened the reqs, the union rep told me they would bring in people from outside the company who were highest seniority in the county-wide union to accept these new positions. Since I didn't have the budget for additional people I would have to let some of our existing staff go, including those I was trying to help. I actually got a budget reduction due to some canceled work which gave me a reason to cancel the reqs and keep the staff.
Obama's Education Sec. Duncan was responsible for implementing this sort of "reform" in the Chicago schools. And how has that worked out for them? Well, Chicago has a runaway youth murder rate among minority students. I'm sure they see no relation between destroying discipline and rampant violent crime. So by all means, let's implement this across the country. Parents everywhere should be storming the polls this November to remove this wrongheaded, highly destructive view of school discipline. If it proceeds for four more years the damage to many schools, and the communities they reside in, will be irrevocable.
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Hey California: Meet Wisconsin

RocketDan Wrote: Jun 10, 2012 7:40 AM
Sadly, it might not self correct - at least in your lifetime. Many (myself included) of the more conservative Californians have left over the last decade. As taxes continue to increase, both responsible people and businesses leave at a faster rate. The remaining mix absolutely won't vote to end the government largesse. When LA begins to look more like Detroit (or Athens) and rioting results from any attempt to cut back on spending there won't be enough of a voting block left to correct itself. Get out while you can. There is great weather in parts of Texas, Florida, and other southern, right-to-work low ax places. Besides, FL really needs you. We get hundreds of thousands of NYers here that threaten to change it into ...well..NY!
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