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Uninstall Firefox

RocketDan Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 9:00 AM
I switched to Pale Moon for Windows. It has a lot of the look and feel of Firefox and, by using a special tool program, the Firefox profile and bookmarks all imported very smoothly into Pale Moon. I used the 64 bit version, but they warn against using it if your computer isn't up to it. Both the processor and OS need to be fully 64 bit capable. I'm using Win 8.1 with an Intel i3-3120 processor. No problems. They do have 32 bit versions also. One note of caution. Make sure to download and install your new browser before deleting your old Firefox so you can easily transfer all bookmarks, etc.
I don't know the funding arrangements in NYC, but at first glance it looks like next year the school will have just as many students as the regular and charter school had together (minus those few wealthy enough to move to a private school) attending in the same building as last year. So financially the city isn't better off. The students are way worse off. Only de Blasio is better off, having secured donations from the union for his next campaign. But, let's not forget he did free the horses in Central Park! Oh, and he is going to provide free pre-K. Even if this program is effective (which isn't a given) the kids will then be dumped into these same bad schools and any early benefit will disappear quickly. Did the people of NYC really give this guy over 70% of the vote?
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Concealing Evil

RocketDan Wrote: Feb 19, 2014 6:55 PM
Did you perhaps miss Dr. Williams point that having a majority supporting your position doesn't make an immoral position any less immoral?
Obama "said he wants to expose young men of color to career options that could pay as much as $35 an hour." Wow! He's going to expose them to being UAW auto assembly techs? What a bold move. How does he justify this type of action? Does he believe that there is built in discrimination in society and that is why he needs to help black men more than others? If that is his justification how about a program for young white men, who don't do as well as young Asian men. Obviously discrimination? No?
I object to the ongoing slander of rocket scientists! ;) I have known many of them in my lifetime and, since they are generally driven by logic, they are almost all Conservatives or Libertarians. Please replace future references to the "short-sighted, narrow-vision camp" with "Liberal academics" or some other appropriate identity. (Yes, said with big grin on face.)
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Christmas Books

RocketDan Wrote: Dec 10, 2013 7:34 AM
I heartily second Dr. Sowell's recommendation of "Unintimidated." We all saw the headlines about the struggles to implement reform in WI, but we never got to see behind the scenes to understand the degree of threats and intimidation used to try to block any reduction in union power. Also, besides the motivation to reduce WI debt, we get a glimpse of why this was important to Gov. Walker and the values he embraced which helped him through this incredibly difficult time. I was interested to see the impact that a discussion with Gov. Mitch Daniels had on Walker's planning since Daniels was my Presidential pick for 2012 - and Walker is my choice for 2016.
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Guns In Bars

RocketDan Wrote: Nov 25, 2013 8:44 AM
In the '70s, I used to go to a club in Scottsdale, AZ (The West's Most Western Town.) late at night. I was from the no-gun east and admired the display of guns and holsters behind the bar....right up until someone came up and claimed his rig. I gasped to the bartender "those are real? Doesn't that bother you since the club has a lot of drunks and fights every night or two?" He replied these didn't bother him, but he did worry a bit about the 50% of the crowd who didn't check their guns. There had never been a shooting there because he said everyone understood that if they ever pulled a gun six people would shoot them. His only concern was some tourist from NY who would think it was cool to flash a gun who would learn this lesson the hard way. I don't favor banning guns in bars. I do favor educating people about guns and encouraging concealed...or open...carry. It can have a generally moderating effect.
Philly schools have 40% of students able to read at level, but over 99% of teachers rated satisfactory. Teachers compensation is well over $100K/yr. and their current retirement/health care package is pushing the entire city into a growing deficit. They need a Gov. like Scott Walker in WI to turn this around but in an area with > 85% of voters registered Democrats there is little chance of that. The teachers' unions are very strong, and they are deeply entrenched in the Zinn-like fantasy world of Progressive true believers. I left the area there in the '70s and it was well along the way down this road. Apparently no reality has intruded there since then.
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Fascism at its Finest

RocketDan Wrote: Aug 10, 2013 8:03 AM
I think it would be more accurate to say Fascism is the alliance between the second and third, between big Government and big corporations. This was accomplished through massive layers of regulations which the large corporations freely bought into since they were allowed to participate in the writing of the regulations and they could effectively bloc new small competitors from gaining market share. In effect they were sanctioned cartels. FDR also used this approach. Today we can certainly see the move by the Government to regulate the financial industry into lockstep compliance with Government policies on mortgages, and next we are seeing the move to bring the energy industry into line using the threat of CO2 pollution to justify the regulations. The health insurance industry of course has been effectively neutered and private companies will be allowed to exist only so far as they comply with strict regulation that keeps them from competing (one size fits all policies.) This is classic Fascism.
So Steve thinks this would be great if "the government taxed fuels according to their environmental side effects." But according to who? We would have to accept the IPCC's incredibly political assessment which assumes CO2 is a pollutant and will have drastic side effects. Environmentalist can place any dollar value on the impacts they like. They could make all the baseless stupid claims Steve Chapman makes here. But there is a problem. Actual satellite data and balloon data do not support any of the climate models for the last 17 years. The sea levels are not rising. There is no warming in the southern hemisphere, so there is no "global" warming. We need policies based on actual data, not on flawed computer models. Has Mr. Chapman looked at the EU's attempt at cap and trade? The market collapsed because nobody believes in it anymore. The carbon credits are useless. Why would we follow in the footsteps of already failed policies? This is the most idiotic article I have ever seen on Townhall.
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