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Only in America is such upward mobility possible by a thin-skinned incessant whiner who has fabricated racial tall tales all the way to the tippy-top of the ladder of opportunity - Michelle Malkin, you shouldn't really be talking about yourself like this. It really shows how little and spiteful you really are.
Long live Planned Parenthood (for those of childbearing age and those in need of general medical services at a very reasonable rate).
Brilliant! A room full of old single men talking about marriage and women and they know little to nothing about either. Nothing, but the PR campaign has changed about the catholic church. So why bother?
Wrong. 45% of all first trimester abortions are sought by married women. This attitude that contraception is somehow associated with "playing around" outside of or inside of marriage is without foundation, since 98% of all women use contraception at some point in their reproductive lives.
Forced childbearing is unamerican and a violation of a woman's 13th amendment rights to be free of forced labor. Women are capable of making their own decisions without the intrusion of government legislators of any kind.
Life is short, eat dessert first. Then find yourself a doctor to fix your problems. When vets come to the VA, they expect to wait for routine care. ER and other more urgent visits should be handled more promptly. But all of this had absolutely nothing to do with Obama taking a vacation (to this day, he has taken far less time off than Bush, Jr.). Obama is not a medical doctor and he inherited the VA mess, just as Bush Jr and Clinton did; but the issue here, is with all of the wars, so many more folks are in needs, the VA needs more doctors. By the way, the VA spends every penney Congress authorizes for their programs and then some more. Getting more bang from the buck is not always feasible and running healthcare "like a business", means rationing out care over time as nothing is unlimited, especially when budgets are in play.
I'm glad he's back in the custody of the US army. All the rest of this speculation is uncalled for and is disheartening. Show some respect for a soldier who was a POW. He has made more of a sacrifice for this country than 99% of those who post on this website.
Stupid is as stupid does. LA like MS has one of the highest unplanned pregnancy rates in the nation. So much for abstinence education. PP isn't the problem; lying to kids about their bodies and their choices brings a lot of harm and all the billing signing and mistreatment of healthcare workers isn't going to improve it situation one bit.
What is really sad, is that you are a mom who is so out-of-touch and bigoted that I hope your kids learn from your idiocy and make better choices for themselves. My mom was never so disrespectful to anyone, let alone the FLOTUS. Shame on you.
You level of stupidity is outstanding! Your racism is showing bigtime.
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