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Replace? Oh really? With what? It took 50 years to get the ACA; the GOP can call all they want for repeal, but that would mean throwing ~24 million citizen off their medical insurance (private + those on medicaide). NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!
We've had black men and women, hispanics and native americans in our party and at the federal level for decades. The GOP is more than a little late to that party.
Right. . .some governing. . .taking healthcare away from citizens who have no other way to get a medical insurance policy. What a way to go!
She should given up her subsidized federal healthcare, if she wants to take private healthcare away from those who cannot get it any other way. Shame on Ms. Love - or Ms, No Love at All for the less fortunate.
I'm not sure the actual point of the article, but usually the "X-factor" is often referred to as women, not peace. We have had way too much war, waged by too few Americans, so peace is more than welcome.
Rape was and has been around for centuries, long before feminism was ever heard of. We have the sexual environment because of the pro-profit crowd figured that sex can be used to sell almost anything.
Rape is a crime, a felony in most jurisdictions. It should be reported to the local police, not the campus police. All allegations should be thoroughly investigated, evidence procured in the rightful manner, statements taken and then let the judicial system work. If a murder was committed on campus, you can bet the local police would be called, but when it comes to sexual crimes, especially against women, a different standard seems to apply.
Only in America is such upward mobility possible by a thin-skinned incessant whiner who has fabricated racial tall tales all the way to the tippy-top of the ladder of opportunity - Michelle Malkin, you shouldn't really be talking about yourself like this. It really shows how little and spiteful you really are.
Long live Planned Parenthood (for those of childbearing age and those in need of general medical services at a very reasonable rate).
Brilliant! A room full of old single men talking about marriage and women and they know little to nothing about either. Nothing, but the PR campaign has changed about the catholic church. So why bother?
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