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We boo them every year. We vote against them every election. Believe it or not there are conservatives in NYC. Who do you think is supporting all the dead beats here?
Were you at the parade? No you werent. Bllomy and Schumer were being booed by cops, firemen, construction workers and it had little to do with Sandy and everything to do with him being a socialist. We pay our taxes and we have flood insurance. We didnt wait to be saved by the gubmint after Sandy we helped ourselves and our neighbors.Our children serve in the military just as we did and our fathers before us.Not everyone in NYC is liberal and not everyone votes democrat. We are no different than you. We have families, we have bills to pay, we dont take hand outs and we hate crooked politicians that buy elections. Support us dont lump us in with liberals just because we were born, raised and work in NYC!
I guess all of those AHs listed above won 100% of the vote. After all there are no conservatives in NY. No one in NYC joins the military, pays taxes or votes republican.....oh wait a minute Rockaway's congressman is republican. Isnt this article about Rockaway residents booing democrats? WTF is wrong with you people? Instead of supporting outnumbered fellow conservatives in NY you lump us in with the liberals and welfare skells that vote these mutts in. Support us we are fighting hard here!
Damn you people are stupid! Do you honestly think everyone in New York city is a liberal? Rockaway is conservative. Our congressman is conservative. We did not vote Bloomberg or Schumer in. If you dont know what you are talking about dont post!
You obviously dont know what you are talking about! I guess you are responsible for Obama being president because he was elected twice! Rockaways congressman is republican. Do some homework before opening your mouth!
We would have but we might have hit one of the good sanitation workers he was hiding behind....plus he is a really small target!
Reading some comments here I now realize why this country is heading down the tubes. Stupidity is running rampant. The majority of commentors here feel that because Bloomberg and Schumer won/bought elections in NY that ALL New Yorkers are liberals. Using that logic I guess because Obama is the president all US citizens are liberals??? Instead of showing support for your fellow conservatives who are fighting the good fight you lump us in with the liberal elitists, jews and welfare recipients responsible for these clowns in office. The blue collar workers in Rockaway vote republican. Our congressman is republican.We work hard. We pay our taxes. We pay our flood insurance. We didnt need FEMA or the government to save us. We hate Bloomberg!
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