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Bloomberg and Schumer Booed at Parade

RockawayRedneck Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 11:06 PM
Were you at the parade? No you werent. Bllomy and Schumer were being booed by cops, firemen, construction workers and it had little to do with Sandy and everything to do with him being a socialist. We pay our taxes and we have flood insurance. We didnt wait to be saved by the gubmint after Sandy we helped ourselves and our neighbors.Our children serve in the military just as we did and our fathers before us.Not everyone in NYC is liberal and not everyone votes democrat. We are no different than you. We have families, we have bills to pay, we dont take hand outs and we hate crooked politicians that buy elections. Support us dont lump us in with liberals just because we were born, raised and work in NYC!

Yesterday was the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in the Rockaways in New York City. The area was hard hit during Hurricane Sandy and has had a hard time recovering after the storm. Mayor Bloomberg, who was featured in the parade, was booed by the Rockaway residents after his lack of leadership and help after the storm. The New York Post covered the story:

Locals didn’t spare their ire over the area’s slow recovery, hoisting signs reading, “Mr. Mayor, we need jetties” and “Listen to the Rockaways.”

“We’ve been dying down here, up to our ears in muck trying...