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Krugton the Invincible…or Krugman the Inadvertent Opponent of Tax Increases?

Roc1929 Wrote: May 02, 2013 9:21 AM
Governments don’t produce wealth. If this were not true, why do governments collect taxes? Why don’t they just pay their bills out of the wealth that they have produced? The fact is that all governments, from the very first, consume wealth. Everything that the government does, even if necessary or important, is consumption. To read the entire piece, go here:

President Bush imposed a so-called stimulus plan in 2008 and President Obama imposed an even  bigger “stimulus” in 2009. Based upon the economy’s performance over the past five-plus years, those plans didn’t work.

Japan has spent the past 20-plus years imposing one Keynesian scheme after another, and the net effect is economic stagnation and record debt.

Going back further in time, Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt

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