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Is Jorge Bergoglio, The New Pope Francis, A Capitalist?

Roc1929 Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 9:16 AM
I don't understand your placing Peron on the right. Peron was a Statist and Statists are on the left. Argentina was an economic powerhouse until the government started to manage the economy. Bureaucracies, government or private, can't make changes fast enough to maintain a healthy economy or a healthy balance sheet. That's why market economies work and Sweden has moved in the direction of a market economy.

I remember when Cardinal Ratzinger was announced as Pope. It happened while I was on live TV, on CNBC with Larry Kudlow. They cut away from me and the other pundits to a live correspondent, who announced that the former Cardinal Ratzinger had decided to call himself Benedict XVI.

Larry said something like “I wonder what the significance of that is.” I turned my head away from the camera and said to my wife “It means he’s not giving up on Europe.” I wondered whether to try to get the attention of the line producer to inform him that...