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Gutfeld: "Only Way Leftism Can Survive Is Thru Indoctrination Because Its #1 Adversary Is Reality"

Robyn51 Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 10:34 AM
Greg is right. Public education has NEVER been about education. It has ALWAYS been about indoctrination. As the exalted (by them) John Dewey said, "You can't make good socialists out of individuals". We spend more per pupil than any other industrialized nation on the planet, yet fall in at nos. 24 and 26 in math and science skills (NCES website- look it up). The left has been working on this socialist utopia for a very long time. The proof is in the numbers of total idiots and stupid fools who voted for Obama.

Yet every week day we continue to send our kids to the nearest brainwashing factory.